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03 March 2009

my gal vanessa is hosting one heck of a giveaway!!!
she's giving away 2 yummy honeybuns!!!
so grab your 4 leaf clover and head over there!!!

i didn't work on a single quilty thing today.
that's a shame.

but in the words of miss scarlett o'hara...
"after all...tomorrow is another day."

p.s. only 18 more days until twilight comes out on dvd!!!

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Jackie said...

Love that swanky and her blog!

Pat said...

Love those honey buns...am hoping it's not YOU that wins again (since you seem to win everything in sight lately....LOL)

V and Co. said...

hey thanks for the shout out!

Erin said...

Hi - completely unrealted but I just saw a news article that they are releasing a Twilight board game! They seem to be releasing everything for this movie! :)

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