13 March 2009

there's light at the end of the tunnel.
i'm starting to feel a tidbit better.

the hubby made me homemade chicken noodle soup.
i spent ALL day in the bed. again.

the good news is:
my headache has eased.
{even though i'm still fighting this cough and earache.}

the bad news is:
jackson is coughing like crazy.
{and the hubby has to work tomorrow.}

note to self: judging by how sore my ab muscles are...
you'd think i'd have jessica biel's abs by now.

p.s. yall are the sweetest peeps on the planet!!!
thanks for all the 'get well' wishes!!!
{and the motherly 'go to the doctor' nudges!!!}
yall make my heart happy. seriously.

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a good yarn said...

Stop the merry-go-round! I want to get off! I feel for you Rachel, I really do. I hope it doesn't last too long and you are all better soon.

Chin up old girl!

Ann :)

Pat said...

I'm still thinking "doctor"....*sigh*

Aunt Donna said...

HOMEMADE chicken soup?!! He's a keeper! Glad you're on the mend. Hopefully your little guy bounces back pretty quickly, too. Mine used to cough 'til he threw up, that's when we discovered he had asthma. He's pretty much outgrown it now at almost 18 but it sure made getting over a "routine" cold much tougher.

Lisa said...

I'm glad to hear you're on the mend. Hope your son gets the easy version of whatever it is (if he gets it at all.)

Jackie said...

Good to hear you are feeling better! I hope this trend continues. Lots more chicken soup for you girl!

Regi said...

Yay for feeling better!! and "wow" on the hubby... what a sweet guy! I hope Jackson is feeling better soon as well.

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