twilight day.

21 March 2009

it's here, it's here!!!
it's twilight day!!!

do yall have your dvd yet???
yall KNOW i do, right?!?

i do, i do!!!

i'm SO sporting a twilight tshirt.

my niece ashleigh is coming over!!!
we are gonna watch twilight!!!
good times.

even my momma is gonna go to a twilight party tonight.
are yall doing anything twilightish???

p.s. off course since it's twilight day...the soundtrack is back!!!
couldn't help it!!!

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Dawn said...


TexasRed said...

How was the celebration?!?

GARI said...

I am so glad you are feeling better: I felt so bad for you feeling so bad.

Cheryl said...

Hope your twilight celebration was wonderful...sure sounds like your girls were going to to have fun...peanut butter stuff and all. So very glad you are better.

Sara said...

Did you enjoy the celebration? Is the movie really as good as the book? I've heard mixed reviews!

Quilt Nut said...


Darci said...

I was on a boat on Saturday and could not go and buy it all weekend because we were in a little town who did not sell it. ARG!!!! So I am off today since I JUST got home, but obviously I went to the computer first. hehe.

Micki said...

I will have to follow this blog and thanks for coming to mine. So you are a Twilight Addict too.LOL I am just reading Breaking Dawn, and I am just crossing my fingers that Bella and Edward are together at the end and happy. I am ordering the Director's Cut and Companion to the movies. Joe also got me the Bella moonstone ring...I know...I have it bad!Your celebration sounded such fun...Wish I could have been there!

Anonymous said...

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