04 May 2009

well...i was stacey.
and i haven't given yall any rachelisms in a while...
so this is just for yall.

my fav movie of all time is legends of the fall.
oh yeah...brad pitt doing the montana rancher thing=pure hotness.
beyond the hotness factor, it's the best movie EVER.
watch it. you'll thank me for it later.
{the music you are listening to right now is from the movie.}

peanut butter & banana sandwiches...
it doesn't get much better than that.
especially with a glass of whole milk. pure awesomeness.

i say the word "whatever" alot.
so much so that one of the 1st things my hubby ever bought me was...
a huge cookie from the mall with "whatever" written on it.

i ♥ flip flops.
i'd wear them in 2 feet of snow if i wouldn't get the flu.
{and yes, those are my flip flops in the pic.}

i am scared to death of werewolves.
the second they are on a movie i am in tears literally almost hyperventilating.
i'm wonder how i'm gonna handle the werewolves in the next 3 twilight movies.
i'm hoping that since the quileute werewolves are different, i'll be okay.
{and for those inquiring minds...even real life wolves freak me out.}

i am a reader.
like i seriously ♥ books.
i read way more fiction than non-fiction.
that's just how i roll mmkkayyy.
{i am currently reading wuthering heights, in case yall wanted to know.}

i own all 10 seasons of f.r.i.e.n.d.s on dvd.
oh yes...i'm addicted.
i watch f.r.i.e.n.d.s every single day.
my all time fav episode is the one with all the resolutions.
you know...the one where ross has the leather pants.

so there you have 7 more things about little ol' me.

p.s. i went to blog on saturday night...
but i totally fell asleep with my laptop in my lap.
the hubby thought it was hilarious.
and yesterday, i totally just skipped it.
i was being lame. haha.

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TriciaNae said...

Love the list! I adore FRIENDS as well...and I have every episode pretty much memorized. My favorite is PIVOT, PIVOT, PIIIVVV-OT. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UUUUUP. LOL.

Quilt Nut said...

peanut butter and banana sandwiches rock.
the wolf thing, seriously, you have like 200 days to get that under control!
love the list.

SandyN said...

You should move to Australia, we wear "thongs" (flip flops) all year.

V and Co. said...

i love:
flip flops
and anything with peanut butter on it.
see we were meant to be friends.

Rose said...

I also love reading (and Twilight). What made you pick Wuthering Heights? Is it any good? May I suggest Water for Elephants? I loved it, very good book. My father in law gave it a two thumbs up and is trying to lend it to anyone and everyone he knows. Great post :)

Jacque. said...

Hey Rachel...great list. I have - so far - 7 seasons of FRIENDS. LOVE that show. One of my fave episodes is the one with whatshisname...Brad it. Always love the 'we were on a BREAK!'...poor Ross. I liked 'A River Runs Through It' better than 'Legends of the Fall'. Interesting. However, I do love the soundtrack you have playing. And, I too, am a huge reader.

Jackie said...

I love the list! Thanks for sharing some of your "intimate" details. I also read mostly fiction as well. Love to get lost in the story.

jabeybaby said...

I am right there with you. I love reading, fiction mostly, and I am always in flip-flops! Great list.

erica e said...

fun stuff! one of my favorite things about living in houston: being able to wear flip flops almost every day! thanks for brightening up the blog world.

Thimbleanna said...

Mmmmmm. PB&B sandwiches are the best. You know how in jr. high, you have to write instructions for how to make something? Mine was PB&B sandwiches. Now I want one. Love your quilt blocks from the last post too!

Slack said...

Ross's leather pants is my fav too!

Robin said...

flip-flops...yes all day everyday! peanut butter and banana...i'm with you just without the bread! :) legends of the fall...helloooo- i named my first kid tryston...that should tell you how much i love that movie! :P

Kritta22 said...

I love in Alaska and wear flip flops all the time...except when my mom comes to visit at Christmas. I have rules he he he!

I love that episode too but it isn't my favorite. I'm not sure which one...I'll think on it!

Mary said...

I have enjoyed your blog ... I swear I visit just to listen to the music. Anyway ... you have to know that the all-time best friends episode is "they know that we know that they know that ...".

Next is the leather pants and 3rd is pivot, pivot.

dotti white said...

Rachel....thanks for sharing! I love peanut butter, flip flops and reading, too! Have an awesome week!

Della said...

The only thing better than a peanut butter and banana sandwich is a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Yumm-0

Micki said...

Wuthering Heights does remind me of Twilight...I love your list and your telling us about yourself through it. We do share a lot of things in common!

Candace said...

Rachel, who says you can't wear flip-flops all year long - just get yourself some socks with toe-slots - LOL!

amandajean said...

my husband and i have all 10 seasons of friends on dvd. we watched them a lot a lot a lot! our favorite episode is when the girls lose the apartment to the guys. hilarious!

Cinlyn said...

Do you find yourself quoting "Friends" in everyday conversation?!! LOL Around here someone will say something to spark a "friends" memory and next thing ya know we are quoting lines! Yea....we're not right! lol

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