pat's ketchup weekend.

18 June 2009

anyone behind on a BOM???
anyone behind on the calendar quilt challenge???

oh yall aren't behind at all???
i find that hard to believe!!!

pat sloan is hosting a ketchup weekend!!!
get caught up!!! or get ahead!!!
{more details can be found here.}

so what's in it for yall???
well pat sloan & i have teamed up to give away some awesome prizes!!!
i'm giving away a charm pack.
and pat's giving away a sticky bun & thread.
{prizes can be seen here.}

so go sign up at the flickr group and have fun!!!

note to add:
comments for this post will be closed.
{only because i don't want to be bombarded with
comments from people that only
paid attention to the word giveaway.}

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