inspired by stitcheries.

19 February 2010

inspired by stitcheries.

so my good buddy john had this amazing idea around the holidays.
the idea was to have a stitch & send swap.
brillant if you ask me.

it was an invitation only swap {thanks john} and we all were immediately stoked.
the excitement was contagious. really.

we we're all broken down into small groups and we all picked a theme.
i went back & forth on a theme...
irish. twilight. friends the tv show. matryoshka dolls. something baby{ish}.
i just couldn't decide. at all.

well then morning sickness hit me like a truck and yall know how that went.
i started getting everyone's fabric and floss.
i didn't mail out my stuff on time. still hadn't picked a theme.
i was SO disgusted with myself.

so here i am...a month late picking my theme...but i finally picked something.
{all along i think it's been in the back of my mind, but i'm southern so i'm stubborn.}

easily enough...i made a mosaic of my favorite stitcheries.

after much deliberation...
i decided to have each swapper stitch something using my mosaic as inspiration.
as yall can tell, i like all colors and themes.

when the pieces come home, they will hang in hoops on my quilty room wall.
{to be enjoyed & inspired by them ALL the time.}

are yall inspired my stitcheries???
i know i am. alot.

p.s. to see all the resources to individual stitcheries, click the pic.
it'll shoot you over to flickr for the links.

{{my sponsors rock!!! yall should check out reannalily designs.}}

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Anonymous said...

My gosh there are some awesome works there!

Sonnja said...

Lovely stitcheries!
Bear regards,

Beertje Zonn

Blue Is Bleu said...

They're all so delicate and pretty! I haven't done any in a long, long time but hopefully soon.

Madame Samm said...

Rachel these are just lovely...I am taking the PLEDGE of no Peeking this coming I will certaily miss dropping by, but you have sewwwwwwwww inspired me to work on some new projects...
blessings madame samm

twin fibers said...

all of the pictures are great! I look forward to working on your project!

Carrie P. said...

These are all so fun to look at.

Miss B said...

These are all great, lucky for you guys what a treat to receive such goodies in the mail!

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