pinwheel sampler quilt along: block three.

06 March 2010

pinwheel sampler quilt along.

here are the instructions for block three!!!

this is my most favorite pinwheel block of all time.


yall will need:
four 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" squares of focal print fabric {mine=pink/green}
two 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" squares of secondary print fabric {mine=pink}

six 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" squares of solid fabric {mine=cream}
four 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" squares of solid fabric {mine=cream}


using my hst tutorial, use your 3 7/8" squares to make 12 hst blocks.


this is our block layout.
pure cuteness.


sew row one together, pressing seams to the right.
sew row two together, pressing seams to the left.
sew row three together, pressing seams to the right.
sew row four together, pressing seams to the left.
{this will ensure perfect seams.}


sew all four rows together to construct your block.
man i ♥ this block.


now make one more block in a completely different color scale.

so that's 6 blocks down. 10 to go.
are yall having as much fun as i am???

i can't wait to start seeing all of yall's blocks show up in our flickr pool.

{pdf version of this tutorial can be found here.}

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Kristine said...

WOOHOO! So glad to see this posted so early! I was just about to start on my secondary project, but now I get to do my pinwheels! Thanks, Rachel! Yes, I'm having as much fun as you are!

luvtoquilt said...

Ditto to the last comment -- can't wait to get started. This is so much fun!

Karibou said...

Oh my, I LOVE this one. Can't wait to make it. :)

Quilt Nut said...

yay! love this pinwheel block too. hope to get cracking on these today

jabeybaby said...

Love this block!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oooooh! I like this one! I'm not doing this project, but enjoying watching it come together!


Shawn said...

I love this one too, very pretty!!!

Katie B. said...

SO stinkin cute! I have some sewing to do.

SheilaC said...

This block is great!! Now to get sewing :)


KarrieLyne said...

I must far, this is my favourite block!! I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! :)

Anonymous said...

Boy do I love all of these blocks!

Sue Bone said...

Thank you for sharing. My blocks are done and put away ready for next week.

kimmie's quilt's said...

im loving this quilt along, i even print it out and give it to my blogless friends at work!

Anonymous said...

Yah! This is a beautiful block. I can't wait to make it this week.


Cherie said...

I'm so excited about this quilt! It's really fun to have so many different blocks, yet I am not overwhelmed because they are 2 per week. THANKS so much, Rachel!

Carolyn S. said...

Thanks for posting. It gives me incentive to keep focused. We're about to relocate across the US and I can keep my sanity if I have small projects I can work on during this process.

~melissa p. said...

I Love this block!! I think this one is my favorite so far!! I can't wait to make this one and see what the others are going to look like. Yea!!!!

Freda said...

I just started with the quilt along and I love this block. I need to make the third block in another color scale and I'll be caught up. I can't wait to see what's coming next week.

Dandelion Quilts said...

Thanks Rachel. I am having fun keeping up with this. :) Something to look forward to each week!

LadyV said...

Oh this is so nice! I wish I could piece-a-long but I've got soooo many projects going right now. I will keep visiting to admire yours and your follower's. Such lovely work!

Libby said...

This is so much fun; can't wait to see the finished project. And thanks for taking the time for sharing this with all of us in your so busy schedule. Thanks again and "take care".

manette said...

Thanks! This is so fun! I'm brand new to your blog and I'm going to make this quilt. Thanks for the good ideas!

J.Rae said...

I know this has nothing to do with this post but I thought it was so funny to read your profile and see that there is someone else in this world that also bust out in random dance/ song just like me. Nice to know there are other adults out there that know how to keep a little bit of kid left in them.


edithpenzi said...

Thanks for sharing the half square triangle and pinwheel blocks! You have inspired me and I am making a pink pinwheel quilt for my friend who is having a baby girl! They are so easy and come out great!!!!

Ravenhill said...

Wow, these are so pretty!!!! I am dying to try something like this... I just adore your blog, there is so much to see, you are so incredibly talented. I am just going to sit here with a cup of tea and enjoy your archives... Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!
♥ Emily

Elizabeth said...

Done, blogged and posted in the flickr pool. This one was lots of fun, but they all are ;). Can't wait for the next one. Good thing tomorrow is Saturday!

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