pinwheel sampler quilt along: block eight.

17 April 2010

pinwheel sampler quilt along.

it's block eight week!!!

we're gonna do block eight a little bit differently.
now before yall get nervous...hear me out.

i think that it's important that everyone's quilt is a reflection of them.
i know that yall are doing this quilt along to replicate MY quilt...
but make this quilt YOUR quilt...make it reflect YOU.

my quilt was made by 18 different people.
18 different people that had 18 different visions.
i told those 18 peeps to make THEIR favorite pinwheel block.
they did and that's why i truly have a pinwheel sampler quilt.

this week i want yall to make YOUR favorite pinwheel block.
that's right. go on. pick ANY pinwheel block your heart desires.
{make sure it's a block that finishes at 12"x12"}

now before someone feels like jumping off of a bridge...STOP.
have fun picking out a you{ish} pinwheel block.
& yall know the drill...make 2 of them.

here's a list of resources/tutorials that will get yall started:
all hallows block. {this is in my 1st quilt.}
double pinwheel block.
double z block. {this is in my 1st quilt.}
mosaic block.
pinwheel block. {this is in my 1st quilt.}
ranger's pride block.
see saw block.
spinner block. {this is in my 1st quilt.}

i promise to unveil my blocks next week during sashing directions!!!
that's right...we're making quilt tops next week!!!

i'm looking VERY forward to seeing yall's blocks show up in our flickr pool.

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jaybird said...

oh i like the idea of create your own!!

Cris A said...

Weeee! I think the hardest part for me is actually having to pick a favorite!

Frieda said...

Yea!!!!!!! I love that we get to pick our own block this week. That will truly make it special.

Stef said...

Cool! I feel a little ahead of the game this week, since I made my own last week! But now I get to go back and make last week's block or maybe I'll pick another different one. I am loving this quiltalong!

amylouwho said...

great idea! I'm in love with your quilt for sure - but it's always good to have your own twist on things. I can't wait to get my fabric out to my group. I've got to do that this week! Baby coming in 10 days. aaaagh!!!

teresamnj said...

Great idea!

Tom said...

Great idea! Now to figure out which block to use! Thanks for doing this quilt along!

Mrs Quilty said...

Such a great idea! I have so much I'm working on right now though, but I'll enjoy seeing the results of your quilt along!

The Purple Turtle said...

Awesome Idea!! Now I just have to choose one -- probably leaning toward "all hallows" -- I will decide tomorrow when I sit down to sew the blocks!!!

Jeannie said...

Very cool! now which one :)

Mistea said...

Thanks for sharing all the pin wheel blocks, I do not do patchwork often and having your easy to follow instructions each week has made it easy for me to complete the blocks so far.
I have selected a couple of alternatives from your suggestions.
I have enjoyed playing along and will definitely finish this quilt.

Shawn said...

Good idea Rachel,now you can have fun looking at all the "surprise" blocks.

Mary said...

Fun idea! Let the brainstorming begin!

Chris said...

Oh boy, this will be hard to choose! :) Good idea though. This is the last week before my daughter's wedding so I'll probably not get it done but can't wait till next week to see all the "surprise blocks"! :) Thanks again Rachel for making this a GREAT quilt along!!

SheilaC said...

There are so many pretty pinwheels, not sure what to pick!!

I found this web site too.

Love the pics showing up in Flickr already,


Jennifer said...

Great idea! I wanted to make mine a little bit bigger so this is the perfect way to incorporate more blocks and increase the size.

Great ideas! Thanks Rachel!

shelia said...

Thanks so much for putting this together!

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