postage stamp quilt along: patchwork

18 January 2011

postage stamp quilt along.

welcome to the patchwork part of the postage stamp quilt along yall.

postage stamp quilt along: patchwork

so grab all those lovely strip sets we made last week.
we're gonna cut 2 1/2" segments from them.
lots & lots of 2 1/2" segments.

tip: if yall get a little overwhelmed with the thought of cutting all 16 strips sets...
cut 4 strip sets a day for the next 4 days.
easy peasy.

postage stamp quilt along: patchwork

aren't they purdy?!?!

postage stamp quilt along: patchwork

block a will follow this pattern:
3 color strip
2 color strip
3 color strip
2 color strip
3 color strip

postage stamp quilt along: patchwork

block b will follow this pattern:
2 color strip
3 color strip
2 color strip
3 color strip
2 color strip

postage stamp quilt along: patchwork

now make these yummy blocks until the cows come home.
& we'll meet back up next week.
{48 blocks total.}

tip: yall can make this as scrappy or as controlled looking as yall want.
if you want it more controlled; plan out your blocks.
if you want it scrappier; don't plan out your blocks.
it's as easy as that. promise.

i can't wait to start seeing yall's blocks show up in the flickr pool.


just a reminder:
the postage stamp quilt along is being sponsored by fat quarter shop.

there's still time to get your two jelly rolls at 20% off!!!
just enter "PSIQUILT" during checkout.
AND there will be gift certificates awarded to 3 lucky quilt along peeps.
disclaimer: you must have a completed quilt top to go into the drawing.
*tenative drawing date is feb 1st*

♥ rachel

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Cori said...

can you tell us how many total blocks we should end up with? thanks!

Karin said...

awesome! I thought this was the way you were going to do it, but wasn't sure - I'm headed to start cutting now!

Wendy said...

Thanks Rachel! Have fun playing with baby!!

Anonymous said...

I kinda guessed this was next!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Purdy indeed! Can't wait to start cutting and sewing again!


Karen said...

Should I have 24 block "A" and 24 block "B"?

Domestic Moose said...

Looks fantastic. Like others, I'd figured out this would be the next stop. Can't wait to get cutting.

Patti said...

Thanks Rachel kinda wish I'd have gotten the same fabric you did but I already had a jelly roll I'd bought ages ago. I'll show all my stuff as soon as I get my computer back from the Apple store and it's fixed. Going to get it diagnosed tomorrow.

Pam in Texas said...

Oh, darn! I ordered two jelly rolls last night from The Fat Quarter Shop and just read your post this morning about the 20% off! I'll be more observant next time!

an encourager said...

Gosh.. it's all so nice and neat and even steven. No matter how hard I try, my blocks never look that "polished". I must quit work and practice more! :)

Jodi said...

I've been waiting and waiting for my white jelly roll to arrive from Fat Quarter - finally I called today - they had the order but it never officially went through! So I haven't even started yet and you guys are waaay ahead! Oh, well - I will just have to catch up asap when it arrives. I already have a Sugar Pop by Liz Scott jelly roll waiting in the wings.

missavene said...

Just a note of encouragement for Jodi, don't worry you aren't the only one, my order hasn't come yet either, we'll get going soon, and they will look fabulous!!

mascanlon said...

My quick hint for keeping all those strip sets nice and flat to cut? A quick spritz of Best Press or spray sizing. It really makes a difference in keeping all those edges flat! I am behind on sewing all the strip sets but I'm loving my fabrics, Central park!

Patty said...

Is it too late to start with the postage stamp project? I haven't done one before and it looks like fun. But I don't know how to post to flickr. Is there a tutorial somewhere that I can use?

Janna said...

Oh dear. that's a lot of homework... ;)

Willing Hearts - Busy Hands said...

Phew, finished, finally. I took extra time to pin all strips and lined them up with the edge of the ironing board before pressing to be sure they were straight. Here is my post about it.

Mrs. Hearts

SarahB said...

I did the math just in case anyone else needs it. :)

To make a total of 48 5x5 blocks you will need 240 of the little strip segments that you cut in the first part of this post.

That means you need to cut 15 2-1/2" segments out of each of the 16 total jelly-roll strip sets we made in the leg work step, which should give you a bit left over of each. :)

Cori said...

Thanks, SarahB!

Peach Rainbow said...

I was busy the whole week, there's a lot for me to catch up - hope I'll be able to :)

Mary Kay said...

Thank heavens for snow days! I need to get caught up!

Elizabeth said...

I'm really late joining this QAL, but I just started a quilting class and I can't wait to try my hand at this once I'm done with the one from class :) The colors are so beautiful in yours!

Ashley G. said...

I'm off to cut now, thanks Sarah B. for doing the math that helps a bunch! Good luck everyone!

Mandi said...

thank you Sarah!

Kathleen K said...

I just saw this quilt along today and decided to join-so I'm very behind too since I just ordered my fabric today. This will be my very first quilt along and I'm super excited. Rachel I totally copied your fabric choices I hope you don't mind, but they were just so pretty I couldn't resist!

missavene said...

So my quilt along fabric came in, got 9900- JR21 instead of 9900-12JR so 5 colors instead of 1, no time to cut strips so no quilt for me :(

Caroline @ Atelier Caroline said...

PS: I quit too .. just not as great at it as you :)

Millie said...

I am having so much fun. I finished my first few blocks.

Willing Hearts - Busy Hands said...

I've got my blocks assembled and am on to sewing them together to complete the top! Here is my post about it:

Mrs. Hearts

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