griffith subway art.

09 April 2011


it's here!!! it's here!!! our griffith subway art is here!!!

the deets:
in early march those lovely sweetwater gals introduced custom subway art.
i almost fell off of my chair.

well not only did they introduce their newest awesomeness...they were giving some away.
guess who won?!?! <--moi.

and this ladies & gentlemen is now one of my all time fav items in our house.
i will keep it forever & ever.
pinky swear.

i may or may not have cried when i opened it.
i'll never tell.

the quality is just a-ma-zing.
and it's just perfect in every way.

trust me when i say that all yall need one of your own.
not. even. joking.
{get your own HERE.}

now i'm on the hunt for the perfect frame.
not to mention we still need to repaint the livingroom.

♥ rachel

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Karen said...

This is so cool! I had to skip over to their Etsy shop and take a look!

Kim said...

Too flippin COOL!

harleywife57 said...

this is very very cool ! WOW !!!

Life In A Pink Bunny Suit said...

Wow! This will look amazing in your living room with your new gray walls, that is once they're finished.

Wendy said...

Okay ... so totally awesome!!! I'm thrilled for you that you won! Those ladies are amazing :) I purchased one of their Sunkissed prints and just found the right mat and now and scouting for the perfect frame ... Yay You!!!

Heather said...

YOU won!?! I didn't clue in that it was you. I'm so jealous. It turned out fabulous!!! Congrats.

Launie said...

I love it! So very cool, but maybe blur out the birthdates for internet security purposes?
I may have to get one of these!

Lexilooo said...

oh my gosh, this is amazing!

Sheila said...

Fabulous! Thanks for leading me to their Etsy shop - I have an Authentic charm pack that I am just about to transform into something

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Very cool! Think I need to start choosing words. I'm pretty sure people would say we were Rednecks if they saw our sign. If the shoe fits...LOL! Fishing, Skeet, 4-H, Ranch Rodeos, Spurs...

Laura said...

hey my birthday is 10-24!

Kpet said...

I am also jealous you won, I tried. Then your subway art inspired me to do a family version and not street version....I got a little choked up with your version. Then cried a little submitting my order - now I can't wait!! You are a lucky duck, and a great reminder that I wanted to do this! Thanks.

FabricsNQuilts said...

That is excellent! Congrats on your big WIN!

Quilting Yai Yai said...

Congrats on your win! That is very cool.

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