inspired by blueberry pankcakes.

16 April 2011

pancake aftermath.

inspired by blueberry pancakes.

so hubby made blueberry pancakes this morning.
he rocks my socks off. {thanks hubby. xoxo.}

i glanced down at the pancake aftermath on my plate and was inspired.
i even said "this would make a pretty color palette for a quilt."
hubby rolled his eyes at me.
psssh. husbands. they just don't "get" it. lol.

*commence rachel getting made fun of*
i'm outside on our side porch.
it's drizzling rain.
i'm taking pics of my maple syrup pool with it's blueberry & pancake swimmers.
all while thinking about the matching bella solids in my head.

yeah. i got mad skills.
that or i'm a dork.
for my ego's sake, i'll settle on mad skills.

so hopefully one day i'll make me a blueberry pancake quilt.
or maybe one of yall should so i can live vicariously through you & your quilt. HA.

blueberry pancake color palette {using bella solids}:
9900-144 azalea
9900-98 white
9900-113 barn door
9900-83 gray
9900-68 fig tree wheat
9900-39 parchment

night sky & aubergine

yall can add these for a real blueberry feel...
9900-117 night sky
9900-139 aubergine

and check this out:


get your own blueberry pancake fat quarter bundle from fat quarter shop. HERE.

♥ rachel

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Teresa in Music City said...

Love the colors but they look more like raspberry to me than blueberry. Will make a scrumptious quilt!

Gailanne said...

Love how you think Rachel, never stop being you!

Busy Little Quilter said...

I love those colors!

Karen said...

I grabbed a packet of tutti fruities for breakfast! That colour packet is pretty inspiring too, although I guess it's already been done! At least your palette is original :o)

Kasey said...

I recently got teased by my husband for taking a picture while in a public bathroom. The tile on the wall looks like it wants to be a quilt!

debbie said...

My brain wants to replace your Azalea with a more blueberry color, maybe because I put blueberries in my breakfast about 25 days of the month, lol, and the color is different. Maybe someone could sell a fq pack called Rachel's Pancakes and I can order it, maybe 1/2 yard cuts too.

I also enjoy the way your brain works. It's a girl thing, guys will never completely get it.

Anonymous said...

I love the color palette. Thank you for listing the colors you chose. Rain is so much better than snow right now.

The Rx quilter said...

Your picture also reminds me of one of the Modern Meadow fabrics that has little tiny pinkish flowers on a wheat colored background called Floral Fields in would perfect to add to the Bella solids
I tried to paste a picture but it won't work...JD34berry is the 'model' number.Here is the link Lisa in Texas

Life In A Pink Bunny Suit said...

I think our husband's sole purpose in life is to tease us...if he didn't, life would be boring!
Colors are great...however, I'd have to take out the white and barn red to make it more mutued...

Shannon said...

It is amazing that we can find inspiration in many things.

Sew Many Mamas said...

Beautiful! Sounds yummy!

Quilting Yai Yai said...

Congrats to Jenni on her win!!
That quilt is going to be a beaut!!

Michele said...

What a great idea! Sounds yummy too :-)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Delicious! Now I'm thinking tomorrow would be a good day to make pancakes for the family after church! Thanks for the inspiration! And then maybe I'll work on a quilt!


Patty said...


Sallie said...

I'm a sucker for quilts with foodie names! :)

bethanndodd said...

You definately have mad skills :)
Happy Saturday!

Magoo said...

you are gr8 with color! what a great (and very yummy) quilt pallet. i think ur a dork, but all us good people are ;) i like to rock dorkiness too! lol

also, now i really want blue berry pancakes.

Ann Marie said...

Well if your a dork, I am a dork too, but I think great minds think alike.

Rachel said...

Definitely not a dork. Nothing wrong with being inspired by everyday things, it makes life much more interesting.

And it really is a lovely colour pallet.

Home Designs by Amanda said...

Great inspiration and colors!

Sandi said...

I was looking for Blueberry blue too
Are you going to add the blueberries to the palette?:):) I know you ate them but..

tusen said...

I like these colours together and I love the way you came up with the palette :)
Mad skills ;)- I'd love some too, please.

Stevens Family said...

Reminds me of the time we were driving through downtown and I yelled at my husband to pull over and stop the car. Why, what's wrong? That building would make a lovely quilt pattern...I need to take a picture.

Eileen {bluebirdluxe} said...

Blueberry pancakes! I really need to pay more {creative} attention to what I'm eating! hmmm...Rachel..what do you see when you drink sweet tea?! There's gotta be a sweet tea palette! You could have a new delicious quilting series here!

aka ~ Mildred said...

That's awesome that you can look at something so simple and every day and come up with a gorgeous idea for a quilt. Since I'm not as gifted in that area I use

Jacque. said...

Definitely mad skills, cuz it'd be downright rude to say you're a dork. (and, untrue). Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

Val said...

OK, this post had me cracking up! I literally was laughing out loud several times, because I could so relate! Thanks for sharing your inspiration - look forward to seeing your blueberry pancake quilt!

Amanda said...

You're totally right, husbands don't get it and you do have mad skillz! I know it takes something special to get a color palette inspiration from eating blueberry pancakes.

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