let's talk binding.

24 May 2011

let's talk binding.

so binding...
you love it or you hate it?!?!
you cut strips at 2 1/2" or something else?!?!
you make it scrappy or you make it matchy matchy?!?!
you make it straight grain or bias?!?!
you do it by hand or you do it by machine?!?!
you prepare them in advance or you wait until last minute?!?!

inquiring minds want to know.

here's my two cents:
i love it. <--but i used to hate it.
i cut my strips at 2 1/4" <--i highly encourage all yall to try it at least once.
i mostly do matchy matchy. <--but i love a good scrappy binding.
i make double fold straight grain. <--i'm scared of bias binding. honestly.
i machine prep and finish by hand. <--i personally can't stand machine binding. ick.
i normally wait until the last minute. <--i made 5 bindings this morning though.

*fabric sources noted here*

♥ rachel

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Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

binding... my favorite thing!!!

usually matchy
by hand
and bias
and usually made in advance.

Tiffany said...

you love it or you hate it?!?!

I was scared to try it at first but once I did, I love it. Love watching a movie and binding a quilt.

you cut strips at 2 1/2" or something else?!?!

2.5" is my standard

you make it scrappy or you make it matchy matchy?!?!

Usually matchy, although I do plan on using a jelly roll for my hullabaloo quilt which will be interesting.

you do it by hand or you do it by machine?!?!

I sew it on the front by machine, wrap it around the back, and hand sew it on the back. That way the front is nice and pretty and the back has no stitches showing... or barely anyway. I hate the way machine binding looks when I do it... yuck.

you prepare them in advance or you wait until last minute?!?!

Last minute unless I'm sick of the quilt and need a break, then I make the binding so that I'm still working on it but can get away from quilting or whatever is bugging me at the moment with the project.

Annik Miller said...

The same as you, exactly. I *love* 2 1/4" binding! What's that pretty yellow print? It's so simply and cheery.

jeri said...

I also love the 2 1/4 inch binding.And also cringe at machine stitched binding, tho I have tried it a time or two and just go back to handstitching...... Matchy matchy unless the quilt is scrappy scrappy.....Straight grain unless the edge is scalloped or curved corners.

Nancy said...

Binding is my favorite part of quilting..it means I'm almost done with this one and start the next.
I cut 2.5
straight grain double fold
machine sewn to front
hand stitched on back
mostly matchy matchy unless it's a charity quilt for kids then scrappy with leftovers...gives it a fun ending..
I always make it after the quilt is quilted...unless it's off to the long armer..then I will make it so it's ready when I get it back..

Shanna said...

machine sew to front, hand sew to back (although I have tried machine sewing to back and machine sewing to front....looked great on the front, awful on the back!!)

I usually do a scrappy binding of the leftover 2 1/2 inch strips used in the quilt...unless it's just too busy. I love scrappy though!

I always wait until the end...to me it is the last step and sometimes my design changes as I go.

Anonymous said...

For the few quilts that I've completed, I cut 2 1/2", straight grain double fold. I machine stitched to the front and hand sewed to the back. I've done scrappy and co-ordinating fabric. I think I prefer co-ordinating fabric because it's easier to make those mitered corners.

onlymehere said...

2-1/2 for me and I do French bias binding. I prepare mine right before I send the quilt to be quilted so I can put it right on when the quilt comes back (usually 6-9 months bz she's good and busy). Scrappy or matching depending on the project. I like it but it's not my favorite part of doing the quilt.

Manda said...

*I love handstitching it but I hate making the stuff. (esp bias!)
* I've usually do 2.5
* I've done scrappy and matchy matchy, usually matchy matchy but I did love my scrappy on my Scruffily quilt!
*I've recently started making bias after seeing Julie's (jaybirds) tutorials which were fab! But it is a faff to make!
*Like you finish by hand - thats my favourite part!

*And yep, last minute!

ecuakim said...

LOVE binding
2 1/2"
Machine to back, hand stitched to back, and I use a blind stitch that I absolutely love! You can't even tell which side was done by hand!
Last minute baby!

Char said...

Love it
2 1/4 except potholders and minis 1 1/4
matchy most times
straight grain
hand except potholders table runners
last minute

Moneik said...

Love it! Enjoy the process of hand sewing and finishing the quilt.
I use 2" binding which looks awesome with a 1/4" seam. 2.25" for flannel quilts though.
Usually make it to match.
Straight Grain double fold binding, unless i can find a stripe and then I do bias binding. I LOVE stripes on the bias.
Machine sew to the front, hand sew to the back.
Very rarely prepare ahead of time, most often after the quilting is done.

Karin said...

I like doing binding because it means the quilt is almost done!
I do 2 1/2'', straight grain, double fold, mostly matchy matchy. I'm doing my first scrappy binding on my HST Wee Play quilt though.... I had some 1 1/2'' strips left from cutting into a FQB, sewed them together, then to a solid 1 1/2'' strip (well 8xWOF strips), then folded in half at the seam. That way, the solid will be hidden when I fold it over and I don't waste a single bit of those precious prints :)

Karenkay said...

handstitched to the back
and make as needed....
I will try the 2.25" binding soon!

stefanie said...

I love it!
2.25" is perfect.
I am Miss Matchy-Matchy.
Mostly straight, but bias when needed.
Machine all the way. It's more durable and I think it looks tons better. Red Pepper Quilts has the best method for attaching by machine - perfect results every time.
I make as needed and save my leftovers for small projects.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Yes, let's talk binding! I love your piles of binding rolls...such great fabrics!

I also love it but used to hate it until I developed a few tricks of my own to make it easier.
I cut 2 1/2 inch strips cuz I have to machine stitch.
I use whatever looks good on the quilt, or whatever I have leftover!
I make double fold bias using the tutorial on my website...easy peasy...sew two seams, then cut and cut and cut and cut and you're done!
I do all stitching by machine...my hands can't tolerate hand stitching anymore although I would prefer hand stitched...it just looks better.
I don't make my binding until I'm ready to use it.

Love reading what others have to say too!


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Lets See . . .
I used to be so scared of it but now I really enjoy it :)

2 1/2" , I love when I have extra jelly roll strips for bindings.

Scrappy if I can :) I just adore scrappy bindings!!

Like you, I am a double fold straight grain kind of gal, and also, the bias binding scares. I have tried that whole tube method and always end up cutting it all wrong and just going back to straight grain.

I do my bindings machine. I don't hand sewing. (Partially because I don't like to and partially because I am not very good at keeping my stitches hidden or even) I am all for machine attaching my bindings with a cute decorative stitch.

I normally prepare them just after I finish piecing the quilt top. That way I can attach them right after I am done the quilting :)

What a fun little questioner :)

Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

I wish I had a quilt ready for binding just so I had an excuse to make one just like your yellow one.

I love binding. It means the quilt is almost finished!

Sometimes Scrappy
Straight Grain
By Hand
On a good day I prepare them in advance. Usually last minute...

Helen said...

2 5/8"
Matching with a little bit of scrappy thrown in - I try to use the same fabric for backing and binding.
Straight grain, double fold...bias is on my 'must try soon' list!
Joined by machine, attached to the front by machine and then hand sewn on the back.
I do my binding when I have the fabric to make it - if it's going to be the same as the backing then I make it when I've trimmed the wadding & backing to size, if not then it can take quite a while to find the 'perfect' fabric!

Interesting post - I've enjoyed reading the comments and am off for a look at some blogs!

Sara said...

2 1/2" binding

some scrappy, some not so much ya know

straight grain

machine (sorry) used to be by hand now I am lazy!

at the end I produce a yummy roll of fabric goodness:) for binding

Candace said...

Let's see...

you love it or you hate it?!?! -- love it. it's relaxing for me to stitch it on.

you cut strips at 2 1/2" or something else?!?! -- 3.25" because for some reason 2.5 never works for me :)

you make it scrappy or you make it matchy matchy?!?! -- matchy matchy. except a recent project where I didn't have enough and substituted other scraps in.

you make it straight grain or bias?!?! -- straight line. i hate cutting bias binding because it feels like I'm wasting fabric in order to cut it.

you do it by hand or you do it by machine?!?! -- machine it on, finish by hand; unless my machine is in the shop and i do it all by hand.

you prepare them in advance or you wait until last minute?!?! it's the last thing I do before. i never feel like it's a 'last minute' thing, just simply the last thing to do with a quilt.

Karen said...

I hate binding!
Usually do 2 1/2 except for a smaller quilt where it may look disproportionate.
Bias binding scares me. I've seen Julie's binding videos and I don't get it. I think I am slow. I do matchy usually, but one was scrappy. That was a pain. I don't enjoy sewing so many extra seams.
I usually do mine in advance just after finishing the top. A friend of mine gave me the toilet paper roll tip, so the binding just sits around till the quilt comes back from the quilter.

Becca P. said...

I am neutral on the subject.

Almost always use 2.5".

Matchy... not that I have anything against scrappy, I just never thought to do it.

I like the look of bias, but if I am in a hurry I go with straight.

Machine prep and then by hand.

Always at the last... I think about it in advance and then get caught up in the other steps.

patchworkdelights said...

I love it, it's sign that another project has been completed, it's the icing on the cake!

Love bias binding too.

I cute 2 1/4" I like narrow binding!

Sew on initially by machine, finish off back by hand blind stitch.

Linda said...

I actually LOVE doing the binding. It's the only time I can sit in front of the television without feeling guilty!
I cut mine 2" and double it over with a 1/4" seam.
I sew it on by machine and then sew it down on the back by hand.
I wait until the last minute because I like to audition different colors.
I use the crosswise grain unless I have scallops (which I haven't used in quite a while).

Lexilooo said...

I don't love it yet, because I am awful at it! I know how to do it, and have a zillion tutorials, but it doesn't seem to work out quite the way it is supposed to for me!

Kristy said...

I think Bindings are just another excuse to be creative and therefore tend to not be matchy-matchy.

I cut my strips 2 1/2".

I prefer double fold straight grain; but have done bias off and on.

I machine prep and finish by hand, it's like my salute to all the handquilters of the past.

I always pick out my binding fabric the same time as my other quilt fabrics; but don't prepare it until the last step once the quilt is quilted.

karenfae said...

I look forward to doing binding as that means the quilt is just about ready to use!! I cut 2 1/2 inches - fold in half. I use straight grain, I mix and match a lot, I sew to the front by machine, hand stitch to the back, I wait until the quilt is finished and then I make my binding using most of the fabrics that are left over large enough for strips to join. I guess I am good at binding as I do not dread it and in my mind it doesn't take all that long to do - even a queen size for me I can get the binding and hand stitching done within 3 to 4 days normally.

M and M plus 3 said...

I heart a scrappy binding! I don't mind biased but have to be in the mood. Plus I'm lazy, I machine those I can get away with! Leaves more time to hand applique.

QuiltinMama said...

Binding is my all-time favorite! Does that make me a binder instead of a quilter? I cut mine 2 1/2" wide; machine stitch and finish by hand, although in a pinch I'll machine the whole dang thing.

Needle little Balance said...

I LOVE it. Sewing the binding means, the quilting (my least favourite part) is done and the quilt will soon be finished.

-I cut my stripes at 8 cm. Ha! ;-)
-I do the bindings mostly contrasting or matchy (once I made it scrappy, but I prefer the other two)
-straight grain (unless I do a curve)
-I sew it to the front by machine and finish by hand (looove that part of handsewing)
-when the quilting is _finally_ done, I can´t wait to do the binding

GerryART said...

Me, Too!
This post could have been written about me.
Every point was spot on ! ! !


Kari Nitzel said...

I don't really care for binding, only because I stress over it too much, and usually it is not as bad as I stress about.
I usually cut it at 2.5 inches, but other times have done different sizes.
I mainly matchy matchy the binding, but love the look of the scrap and will be trying that soon.
I do the double fold straight grain.
Actually I have done both, machined both sides, and machine prep then finish by hand; finishing by hand looks best for me.
And I normally wait until the last minute, the stress thing again.

Amanda said...

Love that yellow fabric!
So... me??
*ick. I guess I get frustrated by binding. I have a hard time mitering corners.

*I think I usually cut about 2 1/2", but can never remember.

*I'm matchy matchy, but I've loved others that have done it scrappy.

*I prefer to machine stitch one side & finish by hand, because I can never line it up perfect enough to stitch entirely by machine.

*half and half Sometimes I need to audition a fabric before I commit to making the binding with it.

Michele said...

I do the same! I love, love, love that 2 1/4 binding :-)

Ruth B said...

I use 2 1/4" strips, sew on by machine and hand stitch the back. Love it...very relaxing and everything looks so pretty with a nice edge.

Chris said...

I love binding - the end is near!

2" - 2 1/8" double fold bias because I like the binding to be really tight around the edge of the quilt. I'm not above cutting binding on the straight grain (double fold, of course) - especially if I'm short on fabric.

I usually match the binding to the back of the quilt so my stitching doesn't show.

I sew the binding to the reverse, flip it to the front, then machine stitch it down. I prefer machine stitching because I think it holds up better to rough and tumble - and I want my quilts to be well used!

I usually don't pick out the binding until the very end. If its scrappy, great!

All the best - Chris

kristyne said...

You're funny ;)

I don't mind the machine part, but I hate hand stitching it on (but then I hate machine finished more so I often have something to do in front of the tv.)

2" cut FOR SURE - I used to be a 2 1/2 girl, but I love the skinny look of 2" cut. Now if only I could cut myself skinny! ;)

Scrappy or Matchy - depends on the quilt, but I do love scrappy for the look and for using up scraps. And I always miter piece!!!

Straight of grain - unless I have curves/scallops of course, or I have a striped fabric that would look good on the diagonal like for peppermint stripes on a christmas quilt, for example. But I don't like the wastage that happens with bias cuts. Bias isn't scary at all! Really. You should give it a try.

Binding is always made at the end. Sometimes what I think will look good just doesn't. And I'm prone to changing my fabric selections throughout the quilt construction.

Becky said...

I've done a bit of everything, but here are my preferences if all is right in the sewing world!

matchy matchy
last minute!

I used to hate binding, but now I've grown to love it as one last chance to examine my quilt up close.

Melissa said...

* hate the machine prep but love the hand stitching to finish

* 2 1/4"

* matchy (i think)

* I've only made straight grain so far

* I wish I prepared them in advance but usually last minute

Judy said...

I don't like binding, it doesn't turn out, can't get nice corners, don't know how to finishes the edge. It's the worst part of quilting!

Stray Stitches said...

2.25" to 2" - just depends.
usually matching
definitely by hand
usually straight of grain - only tried bias once (supposed to be stronger)
normally last minute.

Jennifer Blosser said...

I love binding ... it is a "no think" kind of activity. I can sit anywhere and do binding.

I cut 2 1/2" strips.

I usually match it, but occasionally if the quilt calls for it, I'll do a scrappy binding.

I do straight grain.

By hand ... I don't like to see stitches either!

After I take the quilt off the longarm, I do the binding. But I don't iron it in half, I just fold it as I go. Ironing it seems to take too long.

Hugs & stitches,

Ellyn said...

binding is my favorite part! I usually do 2 1/2", sometimes 2 1/4, straight of grain. used to always do matchy matchy but recently loving scrappy bindings! Machine sew then hand finish... & I get mine ready early on or I might accidentally use the fabric for something else while I wait for my quilting! Learned that the hard way, LOL

Sarah Craig said...

I love it - it sort of "frames" the quilt!

I cut mine at 2" - I like a narrow binding!

I will either use scraps from the top, or find a print that coordinates with the top but isn't part of it.

Straight grain. I use the Better Binding directions I found in one of the quilting magazines out there...

I sew it to the front by machine, then sew it down to the back by hand

I usually figure out what I want to use before I start quilting the top so it's ready to go when I take it off the frame. I cut it at the same time I trim the quilt. I can't wait to get the binding on - because that's when I know the end is in sight and a finished quilt is near!!

Sheila said...

Love binding, I like to make a big rolypoly of it ready for the quilt........I cut 2 1/2" but might try 2 1/4" next time.......double fold, straight grain, machined to front, hand stitched to back.Sometimes scrappy, sometimes matchy.

julia said...

i LOVE bindings! it's so relaxing and fun to say goodbye to a project when you complete it...
i cut my strips 2" or even 1.75"...i like the narrower bindings
most time i make it matchy-matchy...but i plan on making more scrappy bindings
mostly straight grain (because i'm cheap...but for some you simply need bias bindings)
i sew the binding on by machine and then slip stich it down on the back by hand. otherwise it doesn't look as good
preparing - it depends. i love to prepare it so i don't have to stop after quilting :)

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I have a tendency to do things in groups so I usually have a pile of quilts waiting on their bindings. I have always enjoyed adding the binding. I do a mixture of machine bindings and hand bindings. If it is for a child then it is machine all the way. A wall hanging will be hand sewn. I make both scrappy and matchy matchy, depends on the project. I always use straight of grain because bias scares me too. Plus it is harder to go scrappy if you go bias. I cut my strips 2.5" but I'm thinking of trying the 2.25" on the next few to see how it works. I make my binding after the quilt is made and quilted...always.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Bindings....I used to hate it...but not so bad anymore. I use 21/2" as a rule....usually matchy matchy; but am getting into the scrappy a bit. straight of grain...I know....I am a hard one to convince of bias....but anyway....start on the machine; finish by hand...I also don't like to see the binding done on the machine on the top side of the quilt...there it is...and I love that yellow fabric

Steven and Ginger said...

I like bindings. I love hand stitching them at the end. One of my favorite parts. My first quilt, my teacher had us use 2 1/4 inch binding. My next one, I didn't think about it and did the pattern 2 1/2 inches. I really like the 2 1/4 better. I will use that from now on.

Sharon said...

I love cotton batting, so I have learned that 2 5/8" gives me a great turn without worry about covering my machine sewn line. Finish by hand & of course don't even decide what to use till I'm done with the quilt! When I get sick of regular binding, I use cording & braid for the edges.

Layne Bushell said...

I cut at 2 1/4 - it makes it even on the front & back

If I have a fun stripe, I'll do it on the bias, but usually straight grain...

Matchy Matchy...I always piece my backs and don't have the energy to do it with the binding

I do a coninuous double fold.

I save up the binding for the winter. It's too hot to bind in the summer!!! I don't mind doing it, but I always put it off forever then wonder why I did!

Janie said...

I don't mind it, I have a friend that hates it!
I double fold 2 1/2. Sew on by machine at 3/8" and handstitch back. I love to do it when I'm watching tv, keeps my hands busy!
Scared of bias!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I do everything from 3" to 2 1/4 " .... Machine to hand stitched... I'm all over the map.
I let the quilt tell what it wants at the last...
I love binding!

Janie said...

I guess I didn't mention matchy-matchy most of them time, depends on the quilt. When I do a strippy quilt I tend to use up the strips. I think I'll try 2 1/4 now!

tusen said...

I love it (although I really made only two quitls so far);
2 1/2" (I've never tried anything else, but I would be afraid 2 1/4" might be too tight);
definitely scrappy;
double fold straight grain for me, too (I'd like to try bias one day, but I'm rather scared of it, too);
start by machine, finish by hand (the hand sewing is one of my favourite parts of making a quilt);
no pattern yet - once I waited till the last minute, once I made it a little in advance

Lisa said...

so binding...
you love it or you hate it?!?!
ehhh--so so

you cut strips at 2 1/2" or something else?!?!
usually 2 1/2 or 2 3/4...looking forward to trying 2 1/4 though!

you make it scrappy or you make it matchy matchy?!?! depends on the quilt. I've done both. I prefer matchy matchy but love the look of scrappy also.

you do it by hand or you do it by machine?!?!
Machine-I do nothing by hand :)

you prepare them in advance or you wait until last minute?!?!
last minute.

Mimi said...

I love it.
I usually cut at 2 1/8"....not sure why.
scrappy and matchy matchy...depending
Machine it on and then handstitch it down
Usually have them ready in advance.

Deb said...

I used to use 2 1/4" but have recently gone to 2" binding so the binding is full of batting. Most often matchy, usually cut/sew my binding together when I've finished the quilt to go to the quilter, double fold, stitch to front with 1/4" and finish binding by hand.

Effie said...

I'm with you!......except for the 2 1/4" thing..

Wendi said...

Here goes:
Enjoy it
matchy matchy, but love a scrappy
double fold, usually straight grain
machine, then finish by hand,
I too, don't like a machine binding and I always wait until the quilt is done. : )

Jenniffier said...

I love it and hate it. I keep trying machine binding and I keep having no luck. I love sitting and hand binding, but do I ever leave enough time for that. No! I go matchy matchy all the way.

SkippityDoDahQuilts said...

1. Eh, it is what it is. No point in trying to fight it. It's not my favorite thing, but it beats cleaning the house!

2. 2.25" - It makes the binding so much fuller and prettier :).

3. I let the quilt decide what it wants. Some quilts need scrappy, some need matchy.

4. Straight grain, double fold. I've never had a problem with the binding being less durable, and if it needs replacing down the road, then it needs replacing. No use spending all that time and headaches over such silly things.

5. I've done both, and I do it by machine unless it's in a show. I'm way too lazy otherwise :).

6. I always wait, mostly because I never know what I'll use as binding until the very end :).


Bree said...

you love it or you hate it?!?! LOVE - with all my heart. Seriously. I could bind forever.

you cut strips at 2 1/2" or something else?!?! 2". I have a case of the crazies and make all mine double fold instead of folded-in-half quilt binding style.

you make it scrappy or you make it matchy matchy?!?! Scrappy, all the way. Rarely do I use a solid/one fabric binding!

you make it straight grain or bias?!?!
I admit my lazy here: straight. I really should delve into bias someday.

you do it by hand or you do it by machine?!?! Machine to the front, hand on the back.

you prepare them in advance or you wait until last minute?!?! Depends on the quilt. I lurve fat quarters, so I try to keep a 2" strip from every fat quarter. If I have them out, I'll make them in advance - I bought the bias tape maker from simplicity and it totally helps. I like to sew a bunch of strips together one night and run them through the machine the next night.

rachelmp said...

Same as you. Snap! I like a slightly narrowing binding, and sometimes it's good to use up a few scraps too

Roselie said...

I like making binding.
2 1/4"

Usually matchy

Straight grain unless using flannel, then I will do bias binding

I like making the binding ahead of time but it doesn't always work out that way.

Carol said...

I always cut mine 2 1/2". I usually match with the fabric in the quilt. I have done a couple scrappy bindings which are really fun. I would be interested to know why you cut yours 2 1/4".

Life In A Pink Bunny Suit said...

Hate binding, as it involves hand-stitching to get the best results.
2.5 inches of course
Scrappy if I can using leftover jellyroll strips.
Matchy-Matchy is usually bias cut.
Machine down the front, folded and hand-stitches on the back.
Binding is the last think to do on my list....I don't ever thing I've done a binding first.

taliana said...

I don't enjoy making the binding, but I do enjoy sewing it on. I cut my strips at 2 1/2" and make it match. I've always made bias binding...I want my quilts to be used, so I want it to be able to withstand all that use. I also machine prep and finish by hand. (Also can't stand when it's done by machine--YUCK!). And it's always the last thing I do..usually in a hurry to finish the quilt for a reason, so I get it done asap. ;)

Colleen said...

I like 2.25 inch binding that matches.

I finally did bias binding recently and it looked fantastic - *love* bias stripe binding!!!

I used to wait until I realized that was the part of binding I hated, not having it ready to sew onto the quilt when the quilt was ready for binding. Now it's the first thing I do.

twin fibers said...

I love it!~

2.25" straight grain and mostly all matching.

Love hand stitching to the back, too. It's my last chance to really work with the quilt and inspect it! ;)

Debbie said...

LOVE the binding...totally
I learned 2" so that's what I have always done...will be trying out 2.5 now....
Usually matchy; love stripes!
Usually straight but comfortable with bias
Finish by hand, no question
Usually make it up when I'm ready to stitch it on....

Hearts For Homeschooling said...

I have posted a tutorial on machine-sewn double-fold bindings. Machine-sewn bindings really can turn out great and look just as nice as hand-sewn, and of course they take far less time. Stop on over and see my tutorial on how I do it! Mrs. Hearts


Frankie Wallace said...

I have mixed feelings...
Straight grain and all matching
single fold- bias seems to take more time and I am all about quick results.
I always wait until the last minute to cut my binding because I often change my mind as to the material I want to use once I see the finished product.
I hand stich it to the back. In my opinion it just looks a lot better and like more care was taken.

Linda Cates said...

Thanks as always for your helpful hints. I will try the 2.25 inch binding you suggested. It's those things that may seem small that I've found most helpful in learning to quilt by blog and yours was my first. Thanks! I love your style and blog!
Linda in Manhattan, Kansas

Carol said...

2.25" - always on the bias. Usually matchy - occasionally scrappy. Last minute 99% of the time. Love when it's time to hand stitch it to the back.

Magoo said...

middle of the road...
usually 2.5
mostly matchy
str8 grain (i'm scared of Bias too)
finish by hand, keepin' it real
last thing i do :)

WoolenSails said...

I have bought binding and got the binding tool thingies, but never made any on a quilt. I always end up using the border for my binding and sewing it to the back, but I would like to try some things with binding to have a more finished look.


Stephanie *SP Diva* said...

**Love binding! I have finally learned how to do it and make it look ok!
**2 1/2 inch strip binding is what I am comfortable with!
**I like it to all match! I have not done a scrappy binding yet.
**I have only done straight grain binding so far!
**I only do machine binding. I have finally learned to do it and make it look pretty good. Probably wouldn't enter it in a show, but I like how it looks! I have never done binding by hand.
**I usually do my binding when I need it at the end!

orkaloca said...

- Love it, it let me know I?m finishing
- I cut it at 2", no more. sometimes slightly less (1 7/8)
- I prefer it in one color
- I cut bias only if I really need it
- I sew it by hand
- I wait till last minute :)

Trisha said...

My answers are EXACTLY the same as yours. Funny!

Anonymous said...

I always used to do matchy matchy, but recently I'm liking scrappy binding more
Usually straight grain, but I'll make bias for a special quilt or if the print looks better bias (e.g if I want stripes at an angle)
Have to finish by hand (also hate machine finished binding)
ALWAYS last minute. I rarely even think about binding until the quilting is finished.

Foolish Feathers said...

I use either 2.5" or sometimes even 3" binding. I find that it makes a nice frame in the 3". I usually go matchy, matchy, but someday i'll let lose and scrap my binding, maybe, it could happen.

I just made/assembled binding for 3 quilts today and I broke down and purchased the binding on a 4th quilt, which I haven't actually started, but i saw the binding on etsy and had to buy it since I am having troubles matching the prints for sashing and binding. (it was exactly one of the prints I am using for the quilt!)

Kate quilts... said...

I do exactly what you do. On occasion I even cut bindings at 2". :)

Laura said...

hm - I guess binding is just a necessity, I don't think I have strong feelings either way. So far I have 2 completed quilts (and about a million in progress!) ... so only 2 bindings are done. One is 1 fabric, 1 is scrappy - I had more fun making the scrappy binding b/c there was some creativity to it ... but I'm not sure I'd do scrappy for most quilts. I machine quilted both sides of both bindings ... mostly b/c hand sewing scares me! ha. but I have heard anyone that finishes the binding w/hand sewing would never go back to using a machine. so who knows, maybe I'll try it. Do you hand sew both sides of the binding???

quiltergirl said...

First of all your quilts make me drool. So thank you for sharing them. Where do you find the time to do this?!

Binding -
Love/hate relationship
usually 2"-
mostly matchy
STRAIGHT!! (use a tutorial from one of your fav blogs EVERY TIME) :)
Binding is made after I piece the blocks and before I put on the borders - but is hand stitched right down to the wire - usually minutes before I give the gift or deadline due

SewHappyGeek said...

I usually cut it at 2.5" - once I didn't have much fabric and had to cut it at 2" and it was AWFUL!!!
I cut it straight grain - I know Julie from Jaybird says bias is best but I asked my quilt club friends and they all say straight is fine - actually they kinda looked at me like I was nuts when I mentioned bias. But then they're all older than me by an order of magnitude so perhaps set in their ways. (I figure if their quilts haven't fallen apart yet than mine will be ok!)
I will try the 2.25" - thanks for the tip!
I love doing the binding - the whole process is great, and I always hand finish it too :) Many happy hours in front of the telly.

DonnaP said...

Binding - it sure is a love/hate relationship.
1 1/4"
Mostly scrappy binding right now as I'm doing scrappy quilts.
bias and straight though not at the same time - at least, I don't think so. ;-)
machine and hand
make it last

Kathy Grom said...

I love binding.
I cut strips at two and a quarter inches.
It's a 50-50 shot on scrappy or matching.
Bias is the best, it's so forgiving.
Sew to the quilt on the machine, turn it and hand stitch.
No binding in advance, ever.

Fiberosity said...

I love binding. I try to always keep a binding that needs to be done so I can do it while watching tv in the evenings. Its like putting icing on cupcakes, it makes everything better.

I usually do 2.25", but sometimes if its a bulkier quilt, I do 2.5".
Scrappy binding makes me twitchy. I can appreciate it on other's quilts, but I could never do it myself.
Always bias, I love the way it looks when I am done.
Sewn on my machine, then hand stitched on. I hate machine binding, I think it makes the edge of the quilt look funky.
Its never made ahead of time because I don't buy the fabric for binding until I'm done with the quilt to evaluate.

ANudge said...

here's my two cents:
I love it. <--but it use to take so long doing it by hand - now only do it by machine.

i cut my strips at 2 1/4" too! - I like a tighter fit to my bindings. At 2 1/2" the fold is way out there and empty.

I mostly do unmatchy, and I'm going to start doing some binding different on each side. This will liberate me from what to use on the back of the quilt. I also save my left over binding bits and use them to bind a scrappy quilt.

i make double fold straight grain. It's just easier to make.

i machine prep and finish. The more I did this on practice charity quilts, the better I've become on getting that stitching line right next to the binding on the back, so you hardly see it.

I bind right after I finish quilting the quilt since doing it by machine is so effortless.

c said...

i make bindings 2.5" and iron the binding, then attach the binding by machine to the front of the quilt, turn and handsew on to the back, I make it straight of grain and use a color that is in the quilt. I am working on one now that the binding will be left over strips of the colors of the bricks I cut. scrappy doodle

Libby said...


saralynn said...

i love binding especially hand stitching onto the back

i do 2.5 wide and make the sewn on 3/8th of a inch

ive only ever done matchy but i may have to try scrappy sometime {idk how that would work with a bias though =)

i try to alwase do continues bias binding you should seriously give it a try its kinda therapeutic =) also the stretch it gives is really REALY nice here is a good link


o i do double fold as well never even tried single fold before i have done pillow case style before when i was just starting out and didn't realize how important binding was in the long run =)

i machine prep and hand stitch to the back as well and im with you on the machine sewn just dosent look right when all is said and done

i wait usually till the quilt is ready for the binding like just trimmed the exesse off the quilt so i toss the fabric for the binding on the cutting board and start that =)

oh have you ever done the pocket way for binding?

like you start out with a straight edge and fold the binding corner over at 90* then you sew the bottom fabric about 5 inches over then lay the top back down sew the rest of the way around then you just stick the end in the "pocket" and finish sewing over it and then you dont have the confusing end?

heres a better example


i relay hope you check out the links there life savers to me =)

Anonymous said...

Love Binding
matchy matchy, unless I'm using 1930's and then scrappy.
Straight grain...hate bias
Machine attached then hand finished on back
Always made the last. :)

Darci said...

My bindings are 2 1/8", straight grain, matched, machine prep, and hand-stitched.

Quilting Yai Yai said...

Ditto to all you said!!

Dara said...

OK I have been preprepping binding as I prepare the quilt but I don't always know how much to make. Yesterday I ws short 5 inches urg!!
Hand stitched binding is nicer, but in an ideal world I do machine binding, especially when it is a high frequently used quilt.

reezer4 said...

I don't know how you have time to read all these comments.. I've never actually done a binding, and I'm a little intimidated.. Could you suggest any good websites/books with step by step instructions for a beginner? All five of yours are totally awesome by the way, I am super impressed.

The One and Only said...

* binding - starting to love it
* usually cut at 2 1/2 BUT am having trouble making sure it looks good in the back, may try slightly bigger!
* matchy matchy BUT for my aunts did but a lil stripe of four-leaf clover fabric in the binding because she was born on St. Patrick's Day
* straight grain
* machine...don't have patience to do by hand
* last minute because I almost always pick out towards the end
btw, LOVE YOU!!

Colima said...

I can't say yet that I love doing the binding, but I like the way it looks when it's done!
* 2 1/2
* so far have just done matchy matchy but I've been saving extra lengths of binding in case I get brave enough to try scrappy
* I just started doing the bias binding and although it's tricky to get everything lined up, once that part is done it's easy. I read a little blurb that made me a little nervous about the straight grain bias breaking down over time so I'm hoping that the bias will be nice and strong and not break down
* I hand sewed one binding and I was nervous it might come apart during washing? So, I've been machine sewing since then.
* I wait till the end because sometimes the project has a mind of it's own and what I think at the beginning might change by the end!

IHeartQuilting said...

Hm, here we go:

*2 and a 1/4", always.
*Sometimes matchy, sometimes scrappy. but I do love anything scrappy.
* I've done both bias and straight grain. I like the flexibility of bias.
* Hand sewn on quilts, usually machine on tablerunners and smaller pieces, if I know they will take a beating.
*Usually in advance - I tend to cut all of my fabric first, and don't sew until all of the cutting has been finished. But I always save any leftovers in a bin, for a scrappy binding for another time.

HoopDeeDoo said...

my two cents. why not?

Love binding.
2.5". just works for me.
scrappy all the way, baby.
double fold straight grain, because bias gives me the willies too.
machine prep and hand finish in front of a movie i have seen at least 12 times so i don't messi it up.
one at a time. i don't make a quilt top unless i'm-a gonna finish it. (rather unlike me in other areas of life, though!)

it has been fun reading everyone else's habits!! :)

Kelsey said...

Love binding. HATE actually making it. Really, hate all pressing....
Ideally neither scrappy or matchy matchy. I love for the binding to have a bit of contract.
I do the front using the machine, then hand stitch it to the back....unless I am too tight under a deadline.
I prep them once the rest of the quilt is done.


Sandra said...

I don't mind making the binding and machine sewing it to the quilt, but I HATE HATE HATE, hand sewing it down. I would gladly pay someone to do that part of the process for me. I don't even think about the binding till the rest of it is done. Usually matching~one of the fabrics! (even though I haven't bought sufficient fabric lol,)

I usually do straight bindings, even though I know bias ones are stronger. Yep, I'm scared of that process too!!
Great to read everyone else's thoughts on this; thanks!!

bethanndodd said...

*I dread binding...sad, I know.
*Used to be 2.25 but now 2.5...not sure why I switched
*mostly matchy
*machine front, hand stitch back
*I have done both...I prefer straight grain
*last minute...I like to see it all put together before I decide.

Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

Mary said...

Love binding.
2" for all but flannel - then 2.25"
Mostly matchy.
Machine front, hand stitch back - but have been working just under the wire and have machine stitched it all - I agree, ick!
Straight grain, I share your fear of bias
Usually last minute.

Christina Gilman said...

I wouldn't say I love it, but I do enjoy it. I like to bind while watching a movie. It's also the one time that a quilting project is even slightly portable for me. It's also exciting since it's the last thing - almost done! I cut 3" strips, straight grain, to coordinate with the top and all from the same fabric. I attach the binding with the machine but finsh on the back by hand. I don't like the look otherwise. I'll often pick the fabric when I get my border fabrics, but I don't cut the binding until the rest of the quilt is finished.

Janet said...

I love binding. I cut mine 2 1/4, but I'm thinking of trying 2. Sometimes I do matchy, but sometimes I do scrappy. Depends on the quilt. I'm trying to get into the habit of preparing the binding when I finish piecing the quilt (have one now waiting on the quilt to come back from the quilters). I attach by machine on the front, but then handstitch it to the back. I love doing handwork and I find it very relaxing. I've always done straight-grain, but I want to try out some curved edges, so I'll be trying the biased before too long :)

corners of my life said...

Have you ever posted a tutorial on how you add your bindings {including corners}?

KrystaLyn said...

I also love binding. LOVE IT. To me it is simple, fun, means I'm almost finished, and I personally just love to see the finished quilt come out the other end of my fingers as I sit on the couch with Hubby watching a movie and binding after the kids are in bed.

I do 2 1/4 if I am handstitching the binding. If I am pressed for time and have to do a machine binding, I do it 2 1/2 to give it a little bit of overlap so I don't sew onto the binding on the back. I definitely PREFER handbinding, but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do, ya know?

I make mine when I get to the binding stage of my quilt. Straight grain, angled seam.

I usually do matching binding, but it just depends on the quilt. Sometimes they just beg for a scrappy binding!

Mouster1 said...

I enjoy doing the binding which I put together while the quilt is being quilted. I usually match my binding, cutting 2 1/4 inch strips on the diagonal, machine stitched on the front, and hand stitched to the back. This is therapeutic to me for it's a finished quilt and I can sit and take pleasure in the last process before giving it away.

Angie said...

I am neural about bindings, some days i hate it some days i love it. I normally cut mine 2.5", Most of the time it is matchy, but occasionally I go scrappy.
I normally do straight grain, but I have had to make bias, it went okay. I love to stitch it on with my machine and then finish it by hand there is something special about sewing it by hand. I normally buy my binding when i begin the project, but wait until the end to prep it :-)

JCnNC said...

Alwasy 2-1/4", matching and sometimes totally opposite color of border; straight grain; and I machine sew to quilt and hand stitch down. I love to do bindings. I also put a triangle of fabric in one corner to be used for a label before I stitch the binding down. Works beautifully. Judy C

pinsandneedles said...

bindings: Love the finished look!

2 1/4"

Mostly matchy, matchy...sometimes scrappy

straight grain, double folded

machine prep and hand stitched

last minute...last step in quilt process except labeling, washing, and loving!

Nancy said...

I've always made it 2 1/2" but will have to try the 2 1/4. I do it on the bias and really like to work with that. I have done both matchy and scrappy. I think I like the scrappy best. Machine sew it on but finish by hand. I love doing that. So quiet and peaceful.

Rachel said...

do you have any good binding links?? i've always rolled my backing over to the front for my binding, but i'm makine a quilt for my 3rd baby and want to do the 'real' binding way this time :) i didn't have time on my last quilt so it's my goal this time. Any good links for directions? Thanks!

Kelly O. said...

i love it.

i cut my strips at 2 1/2" --i just like that the best...

i mostly do matchy matchy--although i do want to try a scrappy binding soon

i make double fold straight grain.

i machine prep and finish by hand--i too think machine binding is tacky

i wait until my top is done and then make my binding

Anonymous said...

I love how it looks but am scared of it. I am a new quilter and am getting to the point where I have to think about bindings.

I'll probably start at 2.5" for the one and hopefully remember your suggestion to try 2.25" for the other quilt I just started (without having one finished - oy).

matchy matchy (after piecing the front and the back I think i would just like to finish a quilt)

I'm going to try making it the continuous binding method where you make a tube and such. We'll see.

I'm going to get over my anxiety and finish it by hand. Besides, it'd be nice to relax with the quilt at some point in its construction instead of sitting at the sewing machine. (though relax isn't exactly what I'm going to be doing this round).

I'm finding out that I wait until I've figured out what the backing is going to be then I start thinking about binding.

Maria said...

I cut my strips 2 1/4" as I always use thin cotton batting and I can't get them to look nice and plump with bigger then that.

I make them on the straight grain and I fold them double, sew them on from the back by machine, flip them and stitch them down on the front by machine. I actually think it looks nicer then when they're sew on by hand (I know, I'm weird ^^). And it's not something I've told myself from my hate of sewing by hand but actually a taste preference =)

I've so far always done them matchy matchy but I do like the look of scrappy bindings on some quilts so maybe in the future?

Megan said...

We're binding twins. Ditto to everything you just said. I came around to binding when I realized it's a good opportunity to get in some bonding time with the Husbatron via Netflix.

The Pink Chick said...

Binding.... love love love it!
2 1/4 is the best!
Usually matchy matchy!
straight grain unless curved edge!
Front by machine then back by hand!
wait until quilting is done!

Tsoniki said...

Don't hate it, but don't love it. Will do it because it is necessary!

Cut strips at 2 inches. Once did 3 and the binding felt HUGE! LOL

Scrappy or matchy depends on project. Only did scrappy once now that I think about it!

Straight grain! It works just fine. :)

Front by machine, back by hand! Both sides once in a while with very careful pinning and sewing. A couple times I've used the back fabric for binding too.

Not in advance, but that would be a good plan! LOL

Katie said...

I love binding - it means that the quilt is nearly finished!

Some deets-

always matching fabric never scrappy *shudder*
2" cut and folded once then cut edges machine stitched to quilt.
Mitred corners for neatness!
Usually cut at the same time as the pieces.
Hand finished with hidden stitches.

Liz said...

I love binding
I cut my strips 3''
i match because scrappy scares the shit out of me because I try to control it too much
I make bias, more than double fold, I'm not sure what it is called but the boarder ends up 1/2''
I always wait till the last second just because I usually change my mind a few thousand times and don't even buy the fabric till after the quilt is made.

Eileen {bluebirdluxe} said...

I love these questions! and I have to go back and really read all the answers, too! Well, I love making binding! I was so happy to see Mary Grace's comment above, because I used her tutorial for the binding on my postage stamp quilt! :) I machine sewed my binding for that quilt. I made it 2 1/2", but wish I would have made it 2 3/4". Now that I know how to hand stitch the binding, I'm pretty sure I'll keep it at 2 1/2" in the future. I don't think I'm good enough to go lower. So far, I've been matchy matchy, but I do love the scrappy look. I love the continuous strip bias binding. I'll never make bias binding any other way! While making it, I figured out how to make the seams match up without much effort! Can you tell how happy I was?! {for small square projects, I use straight grain}. I guess I'm open to either, hand sewn or machine. I waited until I was done with everything else, in case I changed my mind about color.

Denise said...

I find binding rather calming since it's THE last step (other then adding the label)

I do 2.5in just because I have the little binding ruler and I like the resulting size

Either depending on the quilt. Sometimes I even just double fold the back over (woot! lol)

Straight grain - bias confuses me

Machine but I WANT to try my next one by hand but all the tutorials are confusing...

And last minute - they're not cut & made until it's binding time

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