urban cowgirl winner.

15 January 2012

so my hubby is the real western fan in our house.
i tried to enlist his help in picking a winner. keyword tried.

i read him comment after comment.
he had reactions like "ohhh yeah, that's a good one" and "just because someone wears a cowboy hat doesn't mean it's a western" <--yall know how guys are. lol.

well then it happened.
someone mentioned brad pitt.
then someone else mentioned my all time fav movie, legends of the fall.
hubby had a hayday with this.
"yeah, your readers really know YOU." <--insinuating that some of yall might have been trying to butter me up by playing the brad pitt card ;)
note: every time i read him a comment that said "tombstone" or "mclintock" he was ready to deem those readers as automatic winners. and then he told me to pick anyone that said "shane" since that's his name. silly hubby.

no worries though.
everyone had a chance of winning regardless of their movie choice.

so without further ado . . . congrats to our winner!!!

the urban cowgirl fat quarter bundle goes to trish.
trish has an ubber cute blog and i just love how bright & cheery her projects are.

please email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

thanks everyone for playing along.
i love getting to know more about yall.

♥ rachel

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