a sudden urge.

19 March 2012

a sudden urge.

well i've suddenly decided that i need fun pillows for our bed.
and for the livingroom.
and for the kid's rooms.
and maybe for outdoor seating.
dear hubby: i know you aren't aware of this decidion just yet, but remember you love me.

i've also decided on which fabrics to start with.
i have a delish idea for a body pillow. <--which might turn into a new tutorial!!!
but i'm in need of smaller pillow ideas.

you would think that with the amount of pillows i have fav'd on flickr, this wouldn't be a problem.
so apparently i'm stubborn. <--who?!?! me?!?! stubborn?!?! no!!! *wink*

yall feel free to feed my stubborness & tell me YOUR favorite pillow.
link to the pattern {or your pics} if possible.
and i promise i'll try not to become even more indecisive about pillow making.

oh and because i know someone will ask . . .
fabrics = new pure elements & oval elements by art gallery fabrics.

ps - i read every single comment on my things that make you go hmmm post.
i know i said it on facebook, but i'll say it again . . .
i really do have the best readers a girl could ask for.
thanks for all the super sweet comments/emails.
i love yall more than i love fresh peaches. <--and that's ALOT!!! :D

♥ rachel

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Lisa said...

Thats a gorgeous stack of fabrics you have their Rachel, I look forward to seeing your lovely creations :)

Jessica said...

I've been obsessively making pillow covers for a couple of months now (hopefully someday soon I'll get tired of them because the stack is getting too too tall), but they've mainly been in the vein of simple log cabin-y type blocks (sometimes straight and square, sometimes slightly wonky)

They're simple enough and oh so basic- http://www.etsy.com/listing/91946133/lacy-cotton-pillowcase


I've also been wanting to make something wonderful like Amy Butler's Sun Glow pillow- http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/pdfs/Voile_Sun_Glow_Pillow.pdf

I'm ALSO making a giant 24x24 cover for one of my bed pillows on which I will attempt to use Heat 'n Bond to create a cameo/silhouette look without sewing/applique.

I've also been loving simple summery looks like this- http://www.flickr.com/photos/51181616@N07/5310261219/

and this- http://www.flickr.com/photos/51181616@N07/5310850366/

How many times can I say "also" in one comment? Answer: a lot.

Annie said...

oooo, can't wait to see your pillows. Those fabrics look wonderful!I've committed to making a pillow for each month of the year = 12. I've had some other things to get done and can't wait to get back at my pillow project. Have you checked out the Quilted Pillows group on flickr?

true2beeme said...

I am so glad you are back I have missed you...and I didn't comment before as things were a bit nuts here...but simply because you blog does not give others the right to be so mean and out of line. You offer all of us a gift when you write and we need to remember that....and here is a thank you I have owed you for awhile. When I decided in Jan. 2011 to recommit to quilting it was your disappearing nine patch I chose to get myself going again! I ended up with a gorgeous lap quilt inspired by you. I have now donated that quilt to a dog rescue my latest addition came from...and we created an online auction for it. The auction goes until this Saturday. Currently the highest bid is $600!! And all because I stumbled onto your blog...thank you from me and all the dogs:-)

Marian said...

Oh man Rachel. I'm excited for this project. I want to learn some pillow making and will be watching what these lovelies turn into! Excited!

And can I tell you something? You are sooo good at making stacks of fabrics! Makes me want to buy everything you take pictures of! But, honestly, that's fine with me!

I'm finishing up my Cascade quilt from your Build a Quilt Workshop and I am so excited about how awesome it is! I'm making it for my husband and he loves it. Thank you!

Heather said...

Oooh oooh, I have one, I have a favorite pillow. So much is it my favorite that I want to buy the foot for my Bernina that will do this.
It's originally from a Moda Bake Shop Tutorial but this genius woman, did it her way. LOVE IT!

Whitney M said...

Soooo glad you're back! I'm glad one bad apple (comment) didn't ruin one of my favorite trees, (your blog!)

Lana said...

Yay! You are feeling better! I just finished nursery items...but you have given me the bug for new pillows for my house... :-)

suemac said...

You can't go wrong with Pat Bravo. Have fun with your pillows.

Rosa said...

Have fun with your pillows.That fabrics are fantastic.Happy sewing!!

charlotte said...

So far I have made two cathedral windows pillows and two nine patch pillows. I seem to do sets of two. Now I'm thinking of using my HSTs from my swoon blocks to make a couple more. And it is almost peach season right?!

SewGurl58 said...

Hmmmm can't wait to see the finished or in progress posts, may pose as inspiration for me!

slfranks4 said...

Must be the season for pillow making! I just got the random urge to do so also - but decided to start with my kids. So, I hauled them off to JoAnn's and let them each pick out some fabric. Nw I am making ruffly butterfly shams and throw pillows for the older daughter and The Avengers comic book print ones for my little guy. :) I think pillows are just so rewarding when I need to feel like I've actually accomplished something. Since, of course, I am in the middle of a dozen other projects at any given time. lol

Paula said...

I'm lovin Elizabeth Hartman's newest pillow! I made one and I love it!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/bubbabean/6977671567/in/photostream

Can't wait to see yours. Love Love Art Gallery fabric!

qltmom9 said...

My pillows have simple vintage covers, but my current favorite pillow is a buckwheat one that was PERFECT for splinting with after my double hernia surgery 2 weeks ago...it helped SO much. My little girls are making pillows and I wish I had something nicer than polyfil to stuff them with...carebear prints.


mascanlon said...

Well I just did a pile for the window seat in my granddaughters nursery
Think you'll recognize the tutorial...was perfect and its my favorite pillow of the bunch.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Estou feliz por você,e seus novos projetos,Pat Bravo É tudo de bom.Eu tenho quatro quarto aqui,e cada cama tem duas almofadas que combinam com as colchas.Tenho algumas de hexágonos que são a minha paixão,hoje montei uma de borboletas,e encaminhei uma de rosas francesas.Sempre faço algumas para presentear.Fiz muitas de estrelas e cata-vento.Gosto de românticas com babados de renda,flores aplicadas etc...Fique com Deus e beijo no coração.

Amanda said...

See here for pillow inspiration:

And here:

These are two of my favorites, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Amanda said...

Perfect timing for this post @ Lovely Little Handmades:

Deonn @ Quiltscapes said...

Hi, Rachel, those colors are making my mouth water! And with the solids?? Check out my latest tutorial on Riley Blake Designs making chenille applique' strips with solids, well you'll have to see it to understand - so cute!

Or whip up a couple of quick quilted fat quarter pillows:

Tangii said...

Oh I have been having a great time making new pillows for the front rooms of the house! I'd love to see what you do with the outdoor seating as that is something I NEED to do soon :) lol. Thanks for the inspiration!

quilt happy said...

beautiful fabric

Kim said...

It must be contagious, because I'm hankering after outdoor cushions too. We're looking at buying outdoor sofas for on the decking - and of course a couple of throw quilts and some cushions would finish it off!

Jessica said...

There is so much good inspiration here! Thanks everyone for sharing! Now I'm itching to try something new :)

GG said...

I checked out alot of the fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics b/c I liked the fabric you chose for your pillows. So many collections they hve makes me say, 'mmmm'.

Logan said...

Cute fabrics!


Sandra said...

Wow, great fabrics. I just saw a cute pillow on Moda Bake shop. Go. Go check it out!!

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