22 April 2012


any of yall have a dream of becoming a fabric designer?!?!
have you ever desired to see people create quilts, clothes or bags with your designs?!?!
well today could be your lucky day.

here's the lowdown . . .
fabric8 is a design contest from spoonflower & robert kaufman fabrics.
they're looking for 8 new bold, modern collections.
one of those 8 will move on to having a new career as a textile/fabric designer.

basically everyone has until this tuesday to design a piece of fabric within the pin & ink theme.
from there the judges will choose 100 designs from the first round.
then in regular spoonflower fashion, peeps will get to vote.
those votes will determine the final 8 designs/designers.

each of those 8 peeps will then be asked to design a collection of 8 fabrics.
and sometime in june, peeps will vote on their favorite collection out of those 8.
the designer with the fav collection will then begin their career as a fabric designer.
sounds fun, eh?!?!

for those that want more info, see the official rules here.

my mother in law is infamous for saying, "if you aim at nothing, you'll hit it everytime."
so if you're lazing about this sunday, why not give it a shot?!?!
who knows . . . YOU just might be the next fabric design star.

♥ rachel

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Esch House Quilts said...

Love that quilt from your MIL!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was that talented! It will be nice to see who they pick~ ♥♥♥

Kari said...

Our choir students used to have t-shirts that said "I'd rather aim for the stars and miss than aim for a cow pie and hit it." Good sentiment. And I should so be the next design star . . .

Lena said...

Thanks for posting this info! I hadn't heard about the contest. I didn't have time to put an entry in but my mom did so hopefully she will make it to the first round!!

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