sure, why not?!?!

14 June 2012

sure, why not?!?!

the last day of school for the griffith kiddos was tuesday. <--hince my absence so far this week.

like most of y'all, "summer" is code word for "figure out new schedules and activities but make sure you keep everything balanced at the same time." <--am i right?!?!

so this is a transition week for us.
setting new rules. <--"no, you can't play wii as soon as you wake up!!!"
making new schedules. <--"y'all still have chores and we still have to work!!!"
and finding the perfect balance. <--*i think i can, i think i can, i think i can*

but hey, we all start a new project when we feel knee deep in something else, right?!?!
just to prove that we, in fact, CAN add another thing to our plate.
because we ARE actually superwomen. minus the red hot skirt and cape.

so this momma is gonna make herself a brand new bag.
my goal is to have it ready for date night tomorrow night.
but did i mention that i'm scheduled for a root canal today at 3:30?!?!

here's to everyone finding their summer balance.
and starting new projects because you need one like you need a hole in the head.

how's summer looking for y'all so far?!?!


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Melissa said...

Good luck with the root canal! Make some silly asymmetrical faces for your kids before the novocaine wears off :)

mascanlon said...

Bummer on the root canal! Here's to the right drugs a little rest tonight.

Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

LOL...wait till they are teens and want to stay out just as late as all the other teens...every night of the week! We are amazed at the many teens who are allowed to stay out way late...are we the only ones who wait up for them?? Thus our rules say be home by bedtime on weeknights...that is our summer schedule adjustment! Have a great summer & good luck with the root canal!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

we think you can..think you can too!!
Love the fabric, cant wait to see the bag....I love bags! And everyone deserves a reward if they go willingly to the dentist!

Annie said...

Oh, awesome fabric! I don't have that kids at home problem anymore and am SO GLAD OF IT! So, same ole, same ole here Summer Fall Winter Spring. Funny, funny post, Rachel. I can still remember tho! At the root canal...ask for the good stuff and you won't care what's happenin' to ya!

Sara (My Semi-Creative Life) said...

Good luck with the root canal! Lately I've been thinking I need more hours in the day for all the stuff I have going on...and I don't have any kids! Here's to you! And hope your summer goes well!

Meredith said...

Love your new blog look! Best of luck to you today with your dental work.

Karin said...

I hope your dentist is as gentle as the one that gave me my root canal - it wasn't *nearly* as scary as hubby made it out to be! The scariest part was the bill! Good luck, hope you feel better soon!

Rachel Hauser said...

Summer is totally that adjustment for everyone. Even as homeschoolers we really feel the change. Good luck to us all!

The Henry Family said...

No fun! Hope you are feeling ok.

Charise said...

Tks for sharing about the kiddos.
My boys, 5 & 8 will be done with school week after next, yikes. Love em but it is tough having to wrangle them all day long. Maybe this summer I'll actually try to keep a schedule : )
Good luck with the root canal!!

Jennifer said...

Summer here is a relief! We go, go all school year round and that is with one child. So for my daughter and I its a relief to see the last day of school. Then she is home for a few weeks until she leaves for her dad's. My summer is pretty much kid free, and I really miss her! So drowning myself into project after project is the best way to pass the time until she comes home again. As of late for the both of us (my daughter and I) to get used to my husband's work schedule change. Nothing like a schedule change to throw a monkey wrench into daily life. Cute bag by the way can not wait to see it finished!

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