oh baby, baby.

09 August 2012

for baby natalie.
so remember how i said it was the year of the babies?!?!
well i've been making baby quilts left & right it seems.
and since that post ... my baby sister announced she's preggers and is expecting at christmas!!!

oh baby, baby.
here is baby quilt #2 out of the 4 i need to make.
{where's a pic of baby quilt #1?!?! i forgot to take a pic. lame, i know.}

BUT this quilt is SUPER special.
not because i made it. or because of the fabrics. or because of the pattern.
it's because the baby it's for has already taken up a huge place in my heart.

the lovely lady holding the quilt is my niece, ashleigh.
behind that quilt in that lovely lady's belly, is my great niece, natalie rae.
{and the fella in background is nate, ash's manly man and miss nattie's daddy.}

i am SO excited to be a great aunt!!!
and for miss lindsey to have a bff for life!!!

miss natalie is expected to be here next month. {around my 30th birthday.}
and don't worry, i'll post pics of her all wrapped up in her quilt.
i'm sure it'll make everyone's wombs quiver.
you're welcome.

quilt stats:
pattern = my scruffily pattern for moda bake shop {but i made the blocks offset & wonky}
size = 40" x 40"
fabric = yard sale by dear stella AND pure elements by art gallery


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Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

What a pretty stack of fabrics!!

Jennifer said...

It is most definitely the year of the baby. There are four ladies in my office and three more down the hall who are or have recently been pregnant. There are also several friends/friends of friends who are pregnant as well.

I'm just praying that this will be the year for us as well. I would love to make a baby quilt (as beautiful as the ones that you make) for our own little one.

Please keep us and all the new or soon to be mothers in your prayers.

Nicole said...

Congratulations to you and all the babies in your family! The quilt is lovely indeed.

Mrs.C said...

Love, love, love the color combination! I know a lot of women that are expecting this year as well. I love making baby quilts... so I've been quilting away :) Me and my friends were joking that there is either something in the water or it must be a "50 Shades of Grey" baby boom. Lol.

Marian said...

Yay! Congrats to you all, and lovely fabrics and quilt!!

Books_Bound said...

Post away, my womb is impervious to quivering! :) Cute quilt though!

Sallie said...


Linda said...

What a lucky little girl she will be! Not only to have such a pretty quilt, but to have a great aunt that is so excited to have her here!

nhlady said...

Oh my! Aren't babies the greatest?

So glad to have you back.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Congratulations to the whole family! Nothing quite like the arrival of new babies! Very exciting!


Toni Selman said...

What a special quilt with all those great colors!

randi--i have to say said...

Beautiful quilt! Seriously pretty!

Centergranny said...

Very pretty, the quilt, the new mommy to be and LOVE the name!

mascanlon said...

Such a sweet quilt and an adorable Mama to be!

Janelle said...

I love this!! I have 2 baby gifts to get made (quickly) and I think I may just have to do this! I love it!!


Bari Jo said...

What a sweet quilt! Hope your family is doing better - so sorry to hear how hard your summer has been. I hope all are healing and staying well now. Love to see how you love your family with quilts!

Annie said...

Cute, cute, cute baby quilt! I love the colors and the design is awesomely fun! There are some really lucky babies and moms in your life!

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