gearing up.

15 October 2012

it's that time again, folks.

the time where apparently i can't get enough done, my to do list is the size of texas and i feel like i haven't slept in days.

i've been living on starbucks {& hot chocolate}, utilizing my very trusty sample makers and per usual, driving my family insane.

yep. i'm gearing up for market.
i fly to houston in 10 days.
so y'all stay tuned.


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Kelsey said...

cna't wait to see everything! you can do it :)

Marian said...

Lol, you're too funny! Though I am in complete love with Starbucks hot chocolate and bought a winter's supply at Costco last week!!

I feel the same way with my list, but I don't have market to prep for! I'm excited to see all the fun awesomeness you're working on, hope you get some rest once in a while!!

Stacey said...

long time no speak woman, glad all is well with you, wish i was going to market, someday, hopefully, and hopefully that someday we can meet there :D

have a safe trip to houston, and take lots of pics!

Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

LUCKY!! Can't wait to see and hear all about it!

pinkquilter said...

I know you will be at market, but will you be at festival also? I love following you and would love a chance to met you in person if the time permits. I know you have a very full plate! And I know you are getting caught up with other friends while your there also!

Susan said...

w00t! What a lovely snapshot(s) of New York. Great photos and thank you for sharing a little of your holiday with us. :)

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