the one with the easiest baby quilt EVER.

09 December 2012

easiest baby quilt EVER.
sometimes, simple is better, right?!?!
as a momma of four, i love it when i can simplify things.
especially when my to do list is long and the holidays are upon us.

easiest baby quilt EVER.
hubby had a friend at work that was expecting, so he asked me to make a baby quilt.
i had the perfect fabric in mind for months, but i just couldn't settle on a pattern.
one day i decided to just go with stripes.
i knew the fabrics were bold enough to support something simplistic, so i ran with it.

this quilt is SO easy, that y'all won't need a full tutorial, but here's how to make it ...

adorable girlie fabrics.
what y'all will need:
1/4 yard cuts of 10 different prints
1/3 yard binding
1 yard backing

the making part:
from each of the 10 prints, cut 1 strip, 4 1/2" x WOF
from the solid, cut 5 strips, 2 1/4" x WOF (binding)

piece all your printed strips together.
to avoid warping, stitch the strips in pairs then join the pairs together.

you will need to trim some of the width off of your quilt top to omit any visible selvedges.
note: depending on the fabrics, some selvedges are wider than others.

layer, baste & quilt. (i did straight line quilting using my walking foot.)
bind with solid strips.

and you're done.

easiest baby quilt EVER.
like i said, it's simple and can easily be done during nap time.
ask me how i know this.

oh and for those inquring minds ...
fabrics = little kukla by suzy ultman for robert kaufman


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Neicee said...

Love it! Great fabric. I make that quilt also..simple and pretty!

Jacque. said...

sweet!!!!! simple is wonderful! Awesome as always, Rachel.

(guess who is coming to town??? Peter Furler!!!)

Nikita said...

so cute. I have a friend expecting and was debating and what to do for her as far as a design goes.. I think this is great!

Sheila said...

It is wonderful simple is always good in my books!

suemac said...

I like easy around now.

sonia said...

Simple and beautiful. Nice job!

Chelsea V. said...

I did one just like this last year for my best friends son! I made it very kid friendly and I appliqued his name at the top on one of the wide strips. I made a sprocket pillow with some of my leftover fabric.

Frog Quilter said...


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Easy it may be but also super striking and pretty!

Sandra said...

You did it during nap time?? Oh, you mean the children's naptime! lol.
Very nice. I made one similar with jelly roll strips in a lap size for a teenager. So nice when you can complete a whole project in one day!

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts said...

cute, bright and cheerful!

Val said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing this! One question. What is on the backing?

Shannon said...

Love it! This is on my to-do list for a baby quilt! Thank you for sharing. :)

Kate said...

Love the fabrics! It is so much fun to make a quilt like this for a change!

Kate said...

Gorgeous. Sometimes simple is the best.

Cal Hockey Mom said...

Simple, and simply beautiful--the colors are just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

it is adorable

Altax said...


Kids Games

Martha said...

So cute and beautiful!

corners of my life said...

Merry Christmas Rachel and thank you for your lovely blog.

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