pin it real good.

27 February 2013

i've heard your emails and pleas.

i've been trying my best to fix these pesky pinterest/flickr bugs.

hopefully they are all fixed now.

so, pin it.

pin it good.

xo, rachel

ps. see that nifty little red pin it button down there?
you'll be seeing that at the end of every post from now on.
just a little something something to help fuel y'all's pinning frenzy.
you're welcome. ;)

Pin It!


Whitney M said...

Pinterest is like crack for crafty people! I love it!

I am Just One Mom said...

snap, crackle, pop!

MyJourneyBack said...

Rachel I love your quilts I get your post in my email. I love that option! It's like your writing me a letter! So sweet of you to be a pro pinner! I rarely will visit a blog that has those don't use my photo statements. On that subject I was wondering do you mind if I use your photos with links back on my blog? You are a huge inspiration! I want to do a weekly segment on my favorite pins. Thanks for sharing yourself and your work. Let me know if it is okey dokey please.
Have a good Thursday,

Sandra said...

oh dear. I spend so much time of Crafty already! Now I'll never have time to do

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