fat quarter gang winner.

10 March 2013

is it just me or did this past week fly by?
man oh man.

day light savings time began today.
be honest, who is in need of starbucks?
it can't just be me.

it seems y'all are pretty mixed when it comes to deciding between dot & stripe fabric.
i'm more of a dots girl, but i love a good stripe, too.

so, without further ado, the winner is ... julia
congrats, julia.
email me: rachel (at) psiquilt (dot) com

the weather today is just gorgeous.
it's nearly 60 degrees.
i almost want to weed my flower beds.

what are y'all up to today?

xo, rachel

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Sonia said...

Congratulations Julia! :)

thepiececorps said...

Woo Hoo Julia! And ditto on the "almost", went to the beach with G-kids, sun was nice - wind not so much. I raked my sand at home...does that count?!? Thinking about getting started on 5 lil' Easter dresses....almost. B-)

abengel said...

Delivering Girl Scout cookies.

Sandra said...

Hmm. It's been March break up here in Canada this week. Just got back from a weekend away in the USA. The temperature was lovely ~ 44°~farneheit!! Least there was no snow!!
The kids and I did Spring shopping for clothes and then I escaped to a quilt shop for an hour and picked up a few yards of some Amy Butler faves. Back to school tomorrw though :(

Tammy said...

Congratualtions Julia

Moncler Jacka said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Julia. I'm new to your blog but I really like what I see. At the moment I'm sooooooooo into making tote bags and my next project is your friendship bag. It looks so easy to make. I live in Sardinia, Italy and I have big problems finding lovely fabrics. I usually have to order on line but delivery takes FOREVER!!!! Ah well I'll keep plodding on because I love patchwork and quilting.

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