the one where i spoiled myself.

08 April 2013

the one where i spoiled myself.
the day before the flu broke out, i went to the original sewing & quilt expo here in cleveland.
i behaved myself.
for the most part.

among the vendor list, miller's dry goods.
although they are located here in ohio, i've never made the trip to visit them.
needless to say, i spoiled myself a bit with some of their goodies.

my owl pincushion.
within the past few years, i have acquired a love for owls.
i fully blame the quilting industry for this.
i just had to have this little guy.
cutest pincushion ever.

my log cabin pincushion.
and apparently because i don't have enough pincushions, i had to have this one, too.
if i'm being honest, i'll probably never, ever paper piece a pineapple block like this.
well, that's how i justified this purchase anyways.

my dotty scissors.
oh, and quilters always need more scissors.
especially if they are mini, aqua & dotty.
it's written somewhere in the bylaws.
i'm sure of it.

my needlecase.
i saved the best for last.
this needlecase was probably my most favorite purchase of the day.
here it is all folded up and ready to go.

my needlecase.
and here it is opened up. (it does lay completely flat. fyi.)
adorable, right?!?!
me thinks yes.

in addition to buying these goodies, i took a class.
something awesome came from meeting that teacher, but more on that later.
but let's just say, y'all might be seeing me at the georgia quilt show this fall.

also, i tried my hand at longarm quilting.
i thoroughly enjoyed it and was pretty darn good at it.
if i had an extra billion dollars, i'd gladly spoil myself with one of those bad boys.

xo, rachel

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Chloe Moon said...

I love going to quilt shows with my mom because there is so many adorable and cute things!! I wouldn't have been able to pass up that owl if I saw him!! =)

Ergo - Blog

Jamie Mueller @ SunFlower Seeds said...

fun goodies!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I went to the Expo when it was here in Lakeland. But I was pretty disappointed. It was mostly all about embroidery, which I do not do. I've seen other bloggers post about their expo, and we never saw any of the items being posted. In Florida there were mostly local vendors. Sad to say, I probably won't go again.

Melanie said...

Rachel, if I won the lotto- the first thing I would buy is a long arm!

Effie said...

love the owl.. If you want the pattern then it's here...

Allison Hazel said...

I'm mad for owls too but your little one is adorable :)

AmL said...

I can see why you *had* to have the little owl, so cute! Is the scissors addiction a quilter thing? Although my mother is an amazing seamstress, I never sewed until I started quilting. I too, confess to having a small scissors obsession. I thought it was just me, but I feel much better blaming it on being a quilter, so thanks! Hmm, I think I need to make one of those needle cases. : )

Terri Cly said...

Love their store in Charm Oh. I always stop and never come out empty handed. The basement has bargain fabric with good names. Nice staff and so much to do there. Amish stores and great food also. I am fortunate to live close by.

Miriam said...

Great purchases! I love the little owl and the needlecase!
Ohh, if I bought a longarm we would need to build a whole new room on the house to put it in!!! Lol

MamaLiza said...

Everything looks amazing...but your scissors. Oh. Ehm. Gee! I must have them too! Who? Where?!

Cari said...

I love it all, especially the little pineapple pincushion.

Have you thought about renting time on a long arm machine? I found a place in my area where I can do that, and I calculated that I could quilt 200 quilts that way and still come out ahead. And there's no maintenance to worry about either. I do still kind of wish I could own one, though, and just practice whenever I wanted.

Vanessa said...

I went to their store last November for the first time during the Amish Quilt Shop Hop. I loved their store also!

Allison said...

I would pack my kids in the car and go down to Miller Dry Goods for a day trip...and stop at that little farm stop on the left before Charm and get creamsticks and hamburgers in the summer and let my kids play with the animals. I miss it there!

Jennifer said...

I heart Millers!

My mom used to drag me there when I was a kid and of course at the time you could not get me near anything crafty. My how things change! Do take a weekend and pack up the kids and the hubby and make a day trip of it. Like one of your readers said there is that petting farm that is family friendly. A Swiss Chalet that makes cheese, and Kiem's Hardware store is on top of the hill from Millers. And if you are board with Charm head into Berlin for the tourist traps. There are about five different fabric shops in Berlin alone.

As for the Expo, I had fun playing with the long arm machines. But I do not think I will go back again unless some earth shattering product comes out that I must check out.

Cute stuff by the way. Funny I must always over look them when I am at Millers.

MaterialGirlQuilts said...

Rachel, these are all fabulous finds! It's a tough choice to choose a favorite for me, I can see why you didn't pass them up :)

Patti said...

I would so have bought exactly what you did and probably more. You did real good girl.

Amy said...

You show a lot of restraint ... last year at the NQA vendor mall (Columbus) I purchased a Tutto bag on wheels just to carry all of my purchases back to the parking garage! I've seen those needle keepers at a few different shops over the years -- one of the Columbus shops usually has them, and the Mennonite-run shop in Shiloh, Ohio usually has some made up for purchase. Have been to Millers a couple of times. I was in my Moda phase at that point - so unless it said Moda on it, I didn't buy it. Now I've switched to all Civil War repros - and those are harder to find. The shop in Marion, Ohio (Good Wives Co.) is a good one. But I didn't find any of the places in "Amish country" that great. In fact one of them was half shoe store, half fabric shop - and had no electricity. So that was a real challenge. Very hilly over in that neck of the woods - made me car sick :(

a maidenhair fern said...

How fun for you. love your wares. Any idea how to make that cute little owl.

Michelle said...

Oh my, I *need* an owl pincushion as well! :)

Berglind said...

Where can I purchase this cutest little owl pattern? I couldn't find it on the Miller'S Dry Good page :/

Thanks, Berglind

Berglind said...

... sorry, just saw that this isn't a pattern but the actual owl they're selling :)

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