two years later.

07 May 2013

two years ago, i released my second pattern, melly.
(for details about this quilt, see here.)

lindsey on melly.
miss lindsey was six months old at the time.
i can't believe she's inching towards her third birthday.

two years later.
well, the other day, my niece ashleigh came over with miss nattie.
(natalie is inching towards her first birthday.)
so, our girls had a little cousin time.
i was so happy to capture this moment.

it's not my best photography, but it makes my heart happy.
it was hard to get these two to sit still long enough for me to break out my real camera.
i'm convinced this is exactly why most pics featuring kids are taken with iphones.

either way, i sure do love these babies.
and my love for this quilt just keeps growing.

xo, rachel

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Barbara McD said...

Babies and quilts make me happy, too!

Dairygal said...

ooo... I know how fast they grow! My littlest is 2months already! How does that happen? I still haven't made his quilt. Maybe by 3, right?

mascanlon said...

Beautiful babes and a lovely quilt too.

Angie said...

That moment would make me happy as well Rachel. I love how our love for quilts continues to grow and grow even as the years past!

Katie Cohagen said...

What a sweet little quilt! I'll be adding the pattern to my wish list. My daughter just turned two and when people would tell me during my pregnancy how fast time goes, I didn't pay any attention. But, they were right! Enjoy all the cuddling and sweetness while you can!

Rebecca Lynne said...

I love love love thee soft colors. And don't worry, the photos are just right. Love them.

Bari Jo said...

Priceless! :O) I wish i had an iphone 25 years ago when my first was born. The cameras on them nowadays are so much better than our quick point and shoots of the past! I enjoy your site and recipes and patterns and ideas!!! xoxo

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