original sewing & quilt expo.

17 June 2013


i'm happy to announce that i'm a faculty member with the original sewing & quilt expo!

what's this mean exactly?
well, it basically means that when the show travels to your city, i'll be one of the teachers you take a class from.

what else does this mean?
i'll have more of an opportunity to work with YOU, my readers, in real life.

i love the teaching process.
this is probably why i always wanted to be a home ec teacher.

i'll be teaching a handful of classes at the shows.
each class will feature a quilt designed by me.
and i'm oh, so excited to meet and teach y'all.

so, please visit my new teaching & events page and see if your city is listed!

xo, rachel

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Spoolhardy Girl said...

Well this is cool! What will you be teaching at Abigayle's in October? I will totally make the trip from Chagrin Falls!

Jodi said...

I see you will be at the Minneapolis Expo. What will you be teaching? I've been thinking of making the trip from Fargo.

Mary Ann said...

I will be there in Atlanta, GA this fall. I plan on biting the bullet and entering my first quilt into a show! See you there.
Mary Ann

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I'll be seeing you....in Minneapolis!

jeifner said...

That is so exciting! Congratulations!

Sharrieboberry said...

I must be tired. I read that as Sewing S*E*X*P*O. Yep, I'm tired.

jackiero said...

Congratulations Rachel, how wonderful is this for you?!!! Like, wowza! Please remember to take pix & share.

VickiT said...

OH that's just awesome. Congrats on that position. I bet you'll have a blast.

Carla said...

How great! You are coming to Kansas City!

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