15 July 2013

reverie fabrics.
apparently, i had so much fun on vacation, that i needed a whole week to recover.
i can definitely tell i'm getting older. ;)

we spent 3 days in south carolina, 3 days in georgia and 2 days driving.
that's 8 states in one week people.
(we drove down one way and up another.)

it was totally worth it, though.
nothing beats seeing my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
we're like a big, fat greek family, but without all the cooked lamb.

i have to admit, i've been SUPER lazy the past week.
it's almost ridiculous, but so what, right?
just say yes. lol.

what i haven't been doing:
hanging out on instagram
being productive

what i have been doing:
camping on my couch
stealing afternoon naps
reading harry potter and the order of the phoenix (via my kindle)
pinning things on pinterest
my daily workout

so, i'm hoping that by posting this, i'll get back into the swing of things.
although, i'm going to miss those afternoon naps.

oh, and because i know someone will ask, the fabrics above are THESE and are used in THIS quilt.

xo, rachel

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mascanlon said...

So no lamb but I bet there was pulled pork involved and maybe hush puppies too!

anyadahab said...

I love the prints and the pattern is great. I can't wait to see it when they are done.

Sandra said...

That's what vacations are for. Chilling out and doing NOTHING.
Hmm, lamb.....gotta go eat now!

April M. said...

Sounds good to me! By the way, have you listened to Harry Potter on audio? The library always has copies. It is amazing and you can jack the volume up and sew at the same time :)

Jodi said...

I love the southern states - so beautiful! And I also love gyros, with lamb! I have a wonderful friend who happens to be Greek, and she says the movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is her life through and through! Love it!

Linda said...

Great fabric collection. I am anxious to see what comes next! Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I needed a few days myself to recover from our families road trip to SC this time. We did laundry while we were there so I didn't feel the urgent need to unpack as soon as we walked in the door, so I didn't. I hope you enjoyed your "week off".

barb said...

i love these fabrics. they would make a che erful chemo quilt, although that seem like an oxymoron to me. but if i have to go thru chemo, at least it would be with a happy quilt

Nita said...

Sounds absolutely perfect. :)

Darlington Delights said...

We ALWAYS feel the same way. For every week we travel, we need another to recuperate!

a maidenhair fern said...

funny thing is, even quilting takes energy. I find the same thing after a long trip, I don't even have the energy to quilt for a few days. Sounds like an amazing trip in a beautiful part of the country. welcome home.

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