practical bag.

01 August 2013

my practical bag.
one of my besties came over and we decided to make bags.
this is what we do, jamie & i.
we either get together and sew or we get together and do fun girly things.
like get mani/pedis and hork down chipotle burritos. lol.

she actually came over just for the sake of hanging out.
well, hanging out turned into, "let's look at my fabric/pattern stash."
so, the next thing i knew, we were pulling fabrics for new bags.
funny how that works out, right?

we chose the practical bag by grand revival.
i bought this pattern from the fat quarter shop like a million years ago.
then, it just sat there.
i'm good at doing that. you too, right?

after much deliberation, my fabric of choice was this yummy tiled primrose print.
(bijou by heather bailey for free spirit.)
i chose the turquoise colorway and jamie chose the rose colorway.
pssst: thanks jennifer for adding these to my stash a million years ago. xoxo.

here are my two cents on the bag/pattern:
- the bag is a great size. meaning it holds all of my crap stuff.
- the pattern is pretty simplistic.
- although i love the curves in the overall design, i had to ignore the matching "dots" in the pattern to ensure that i caught the seams within my stitching. (i think this part needed a bit of extra detail within the written instructions.)
- the handle construction is completely unconventional, but it totally works.
- the bag can easily become a black hole. i think it needs at least one pocket. obviously, this is personal preference.
- i think that one day i would definitely make this bag again.

all in all, i really do like this bag.
i've been carrying it everywhere.
it goes perfectly with my tshirt, jeans & flip flop summer wardrobe.

have any of y'all made this bag?

xo, rachel

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Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

I had not seen this bag before. You chose the perfect print!

lej619 said...

Love it!! Pattern????

lej619 said...
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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I made this bag for a gift some Christmases ago and I didn't care for it. I gifted it to my cousin and I feel like I need to make her another type of bag. The pattern was easy to follow but I felt it lacks "something". Not sure what that something is just yet. Yours is very cute though. :)

Anonymous said...

I did make this bag about 2 years ago. I loved it also, quick project. I added a couple pockets and a key hook inside. I also appliqued a big flower on the front to give a little visual interest. Love your blog, thanks for the inspiration!

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