12 August 2013

i give y'all reverie.

a million and a half years ago i bought a wholecloth quilt from target.
it had a printed design of hexagons with frames and sashing.
i tried (for years!) to figure out how to easily break down the construction and avoid y seams.
not to mention, making sure it was something that could be pieced quickly.
hello, mom of four.

in all honesty, i just couldn't figure out how to do it.
so, this design just sat there. for like ever.
then, miss julie herman came to the rescue when she designed the hex n more ruler.
(hey, jules. xoxo.)

hex n more ruler.
now, don't let the fact that you need to use a specialty ruler stop you from making this quilt.
it's so very easy to use.
and it makes this quilt a breeze to construct.

well, the construction was figured out, but i needed the perfect fabrics.
i had these two stacks of lovelies hanging around.
i knew that i loved them together, but i wasn't sure how to implement them properly.
so, i said to heck with it, untied them, and mixed them all up.

left stack: honey honey by kate spain for moda
right stack: simply style by v and co for moda

reverie fabrics.
the result was this lovely stack.
to me, it was perfect.

and here's the end result.
*big, dreamy sigh*

oh, and i have an all prints version in the works now.
i'll show y'all that one when it's finished.

i love this design.
i'm hoping y'all will love it like i do.

quilt stats:
size = 66" x 84"
fabric = honey honey by kate spain AND simply style by v and co (both of moda)
piecing = karrielyne winters
quilting = darla padilla

so, if you're looking for your own reverie pattern:
the paper pattern is available for preorder HERE. (shipping august 31st)
the pdf pattern is available HERE. (ships via email after your purchase.)
shop owners can contact me directly or see their united notions, brewer or checker rep.

xo, rachel

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abengel said...

So is this like your favorite quilt ever? (I remember that Target quilt. I asked you about it once. I've been waiting for this pattern ever since. I knew you could do it!)

Honey said...

Can this pattern be made with precut hexagons as well? I've been looking everywhere for a pattern exactly like this!

Sharon said...

Very cute pattern! I love those fabrics, too. Can't go wrong with Kate Spain or V.

mascanlon said...

Very cute! And of course anything done with Hex n Mor or Sidekick is easy to cut! more on the list. But first I have to put together Impromptu, all blocks done but haven't had anytime to lay it out yet.

Anonymous said...

Those 2 lines work together very nicely! Well done.

~Laurie~ said...

reverie is very pretty!

Anne-Marie B. said...

Lovely quilt with a beautiful name. I happen to have the perfect fabric for my own version!

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Love this! What a fabulous pattern. Who would have thought those fabric stacks would have mixed together so perfectly!

Carla said...

It's brilliant! Love everything about it.

Claire said...

Rachel this quilt is just stunning and simply my favorite of all of your quilts.

Donna Baker said...

it's awesome! I look forward to busting out my hex'n more ruler too, it's just been sitting on my desk a few months...

Melissa Bo said...

I love your design! =)
Wonderful job!

kim said...

What a beautiful quilt, I love it!
I've got that ruler too, and it is awesome.

QuiltNut Creations said...


Emma Watson said...

All of these are looking so adorable I have not seen yet like on the internt.

Earn Tricks

Kelly O. said...

what a brilliant fabric combination--and that quilt! love it!

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