it takes two.

28 January 2014

it takes two quilt.
in a continuing effort to document all of my quilt making over the past couple of years,
i'm going to share all of the quilts from my book, quilts made with love.
my goal is to share one quilt a day.

today's quilt is it takes two.
two people falling in love and deciding to spend the rest of their lives together is a beautiful thing.
i like this quilt's simplistic design and it's ability to playfully grab your attention.

quilt stats:
size = 60 1/2" x 60 1/2"
fabric = pure elements for art gallery
piecing = lani padilla
quilting = darla padilla
pattern = it takes two from quilts made with love

engagment or not, this is a fun quilt to make. (and give!)

xo, rachel

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

What a cute & happy feeling quilt. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a super day!

Joy Morgan said...

Lovin your bold use of colour. Such a happy feeling quilt. A real smiler.

bee+quilts said...

It is stunning! I love it!!

bee+quilts said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

I love this, perfect use of solids

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