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04 June 2014

our babies at the lake. <3 #iheartmybabies #familyismyfavorite
hey, y'all.
i'm here dusting off this ol' blog of mine.
on one hand, i didn't mean to take a break this long.
but on the other hand, it was much needed.

once upon a time, i fell in love with this marine that just happened to be a northerner.
well, this southern gal moved up north with him and started a family.
we loved starting our family in ohio.
we made many, many memories there.
and after much deliberation, this past april, we packed up our house and moved to my home state of georgia.

my kids and i spent the first few months of the year in ohio while my husband was here in georgia working at his new job.
it's been quite the transition, but we did it!

i'm proud to say that we moved back to my old stomping grounds.
it feels so good to be back in the south.
i can't wait for my kids to experience growing up here like i did.
and i think it's really awesome that they have experienced growing up a bit in the north just like their daddy.
everyone seems to love it here which makes my heart really, really happy.

we're still trying to get completely settled in, but i'm trying to get back in the swing of things.
i finally sat at my machine for the first time in forever.
man, that felt good.
it was like riding a bike. until i had to use my seam ripper. HA.

in my absence, i've been teaching, working on new designs and even mastered the art of putting in a zipper!
say whaaaaaat?!?! LOL.

what have y'all been up to?

xo, rachel

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Greta said...

Welcome back to blogland! I went to school in GA and I sure do miss it down there. There is just something soothing about the south that you just can't find in other places.

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Welcome back! You have some lucky kids! :)

Paula @ Sewy Stuff said...

Welcome 'home'! (I'm in Alabama) Glad everyone is settling in and loving it down here!

Barbara McD said...

Welcome back to the humidity!

You're gonna love your first winter!

kath in ohio said...

Hi Rachel: this fellow Buckeye is sorry to see you go but hopefully will see you again @ Rita's promoting your books & patterns! Still love reading your posts. Lancaster is my hometown & I love it here, so I can relate to you wanting to go back home!

barbara woods said...

Welcome back to our fair state

Grandma Boo said...

Welcome back to the South. I'm in the Florida panhandle and have been a fan of yours for quite awhile. Hope to see you at some close quilting weekends. Destin is minutes away and would be a fin destination for the family.

Karen said...

Well how about that!! We are finishing up a cabin we built here in Indiana and as soon as we sell it we are heading back to a farm we rennovated a few years ago in SC!! just across the river from Augusta!...I can't wait to reconnect to my southern friends....do longarming for them...and I HOPE to find a quilt shop to "work"(LOL) in!...so are you humming "Georgia on my mind?"....I am....sweet!!

Karen said...

Oh by the way...I am an "original" Buckeye!! .... too the core...:)

Karen said...

Aww, we'll miss you in Ohio, but I'm sure you are already making great memories in Georgia.

Jess @ LifeintheWhiteHouse.com said...

Welcome back!
Your blog break makes me feel better about my blog break ;-)

I'm trying to get back into it now!

Congratulations on the move!

Jess @ LifeintheWhiteHouse.com said...

Welcome back!
Your blog break makes me feel better about my blog break ;-)

I'm trying to get back into it now!

Congratulations on the move!

Cat Herder said...

Well, darn, you moved away before I got to meet up with you.:(
I hope you'll be happy down in Georgia, and I'm sure the kids will love it, too.
I can't believe how big they are! Didn't you just post pictures of that new baby? :)
nice to see you back, too!
Vickie in Cleveland

Gayle Fahrion said...

I live in GA too. I'm a west coast transplant. Welcome back.

Martha Cook said...

Georgia is a beautiful state. Warmer weather sounds very nice. I'm a Texas girl who now lives in Maine.. Sure miss the weather in the south. Good to be all settled huh ?

Dana said...

Glad that it was a happy "break" from blogging! I am sure you and your family are happy to be "home".

Tamie said...

From a fellow southerner, welcome home.

Lisnaweary Quilts said...

We all need a break now and again - I'm trying to get back to blogging aswell!

Mary Ann said...

Welcome to Georgia! Come visit Augusta some time- we have 2 quilt shops in the area.... Mary Ann

Debbie B said...

Congratulations on your move! I am a northerner but I love peaches so much I might be tempted to move myself!

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