y'all guessed it!

19 September 2014

consider this my confession for jumping on the bandwagon.  #modernmaples
i have finally jumped aboard the modern maples bandwagon.
i'm SUPER excited to make this quilt.

y'all know me, i'm kind of addicted to fall.
so, why not have a really adorable fall quilt?

i started out using mostly katie jump rope fabrics. (shown in previous post.)
but once i started cutting fabrics, i took out a few and added a few others.
i love my first block.
what do y'all think?

oh, and for those of y'all that don't know about the modern maples quilt, here's some logistics:
modern maples was designed by amanda jennings of hey porkchop!
she designed the quilt for john adams' (quilt dad) book, pretty in patchwork: holidays.
there's even a whole flickr group devoted entirely to modern maples. sigh.

have you made your own modern maples quilt?
if not, do wanna join along?
apparently, there's a little sew along going on over on instagram. (#simplymodernmaples)
OR if you wanna drool over even more modern maples, there's always #modernmaples via instagram.

xo, rachel

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karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Your block looks great. This is at the top of my list for a retreat I have next weekend! Might as well embrace fall.

Debbie said...

Nothing quite like a modern maples quilt for fall! I've made mine but may need another...Btw, thanks to linking to my flickr group!

Christine S said...

Definitely on my list too :)

Kathy said...

I love your block with those great fall colors!! I'll bet there was lots of "fussy cutting" involved lol

Sara said...

Resisting or trying to at least the urge to make one but yeah they are all over the grande IG! Yours is very pretty!

Amanda said...

Somehow I lost your blog when Google Reader stopped. So glad to be back! Love your maple leaf. I have a feedback maple leaf from my grandmother and it is rubbed to rags but precious still!

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