almost five christmases later.

12 December 2014

boom. done. 👊 miss lindsey FINALLY has a stocking, folks! (the other one is for my stepdaughter, rebecca!) #sewingwithpsiquilt
if y'all follow along via instagram, chances are, you know that i spent yesterday making these lovelies.
(i'm @rachelgriffith if you're interested.)

miss lindsey was born in september of 2010.
i'm sure some of y'all remember this.
(yes, it's really been that long ago!)

well, back in 2007, i made stocking for everyone in our house.
when lindsey was born, i told myself i needed to make her a stocking, too.
here we are, almost five christmases later, and that baby FINALLY gets her stocking.
mother of the year award goes to ... ;)

xo, rachel

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Anina said...

Congrats! I have 4 empty stocking holders right now and you're making me feel guilty for considering a Target run for some stockings.

Rya, Rotterdam said...

The stockings look lovely!!! And don't feel quilty.... you made the stocking for the little girl now and that's it.... isn't it??
And how beautiful are they!!!
Rya from the Netherlands

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