18 November 2015

for the first time in forever, i finished a quilt top! «full reveal coming soon!» #rachelgriffithdesigns
well, hi!
i know it's been a while. (5 months?!)
i've recently made a deal with myself, to get this blog back on track.
i know it's mush faster to post to instagram, but i do miss writing here.
and i honestly miss using a real camera, too.

in case y'all aren't on instagram, here's what i've been up to for the last few months.

see that picture at the top of this post?
well, that's a quilt top i FINALLY completed.
i can't wait to show y'all the whole thing once it's quilted.
it's a new design in my pattern line.
it's coming soon!

today's trimmings. ✂️ #rachelgriffithdesigns #konacotton #robertkaufman
i've also been working on another quilt!
this one isn't completely pieced yet, because i keep changing the layout.
y'all do that, too, right? (;

i just realized that i never showed y'all a finished pic of this lovely! (also, why are table runners so tricky to photograph?) 💛🍃🎃 #sewingwithpsiquilt
i actually made something seasonal (& on time!) this year!
this is probably my favorite fall runner of all time now.
i'm biased. it happens.

i'm excited to start this project! how could i not be when it starts with fabrics like these? 😉✂️ #sewingwithpsiquilt #cottonandsteel
i FINALLY got to play around with these pretty fabrics!
i'll show y'all more about these later this week!

we're getting somewhere, folks! it totally helped that the aforementioned five year old decided to crawl into her bed and fall asleep this afternoon! (whaaaat?!) ✂️💚💙 #sewingwithpsiquilt #scrappyquilt #scruffilyquilt #aQuilt
i started this quilt for a friend of ours, in ohio,
their sweet son, the same age as our youngest son, has been in and out of the hospital.
since we're not there in person, i figure a quilt is the next best thing.

as i was lazing about with my coffee this morning, i had a strong desire to pull this out and work on it. i haven't touched this project for over a year. (thanks for keeping track, instagram!) will this be the fall i actually finish it? the world may neve
i've been working on my modern maples quilt! YES!
there's only 5 more blocks to go!
i think i can, i think i can, i think i can!

a long, long time ago, @thimbleblossoms & @bonniecottonway, debuted their first fabric line, #cottonblossoms. (circa 2008.) and i'm not gonna lie, i was drawn more to the aquas, greens, and oranges, as opposed to all the chocolate browns and brick reds. w
oh, and i FINALLY got around to putting the binding on this fall scruffily quilt!
as i type this, it's being loved to death on our living room couch.
i haven't even had a chance to wash it yet.

so you see, i've been doing pretty good.
i still have my rough days, but i'm chugging along.
chugga chugga choo choo.

anyways, like i said, i'm really going to make an effort to bring this ol' blog of mine back to life.
people still read blogs, right? LOL.

i have other pics to show y'all, but i don't want to throw everything out at once.
should you be interested, there's more via my instagram. (i'm @rachelgriffith)

it's nice to see YOU again!
xo, rachel

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Ellyn said...

happy to see you back! (I still read blogs! LOL Still post to mine too)

Laura said...

I still read! Welcome back.

Sharlene said...

Nice to see you back blogging in my Feedly. Would love it even better if you were able to post you pics directly on your blog instead of linking to Flicker as I can't load them.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Yeah for blogging!! Gorgeous projects, that new pattern looks fab!

bee said...

looks like you've been busy - can't wait to see what fun projects you'll be sharing. :)

Cheryl Randleman said...

Great to see new stuff on your blog and Facebook!! Yours are some of my favorite patterns -- I've made FOUR smitten quilts so far and still one I love to make with scrappy fabrics.

Needled Mom said...

Welcome back. I love the fall runner!! The "care" quilt is beautiful too. Love those fabrics.

Susan Stanton said...

I love your Maple Leaf tablerunner! Nice choice of fabrics. More pictures, please!

Karen Dobbs said...

SO happy you're back! I don't have instagram, but I certainly read blogs.

Rebecca said...

Yes I read blogs... every morning with a cup of tea and a quite house...
No I do not do Instagram...
nice to see you back

Stacey Carey said...

Welcome back! I sadly do not read as much of blogs anymore. It has been a tough two years for me. I have not been able to quilt in forever, and I am hoping I can soon. How are you, everything going ok since your move? You can email me and we can catch up, I would love to catch up with you! oh, btw, my scruffily quilt that I made with the same cotton blossoms line like you is crazily still loved to death daily since I made it all those years ago. I hope to hear from you dear old friend!

Beth said...

Rachel I am so glad you are back! (Yeah, I don't Instagram)
We missed you SO MUCH at the Virginia Sewing and Quilt expo. Do you think you will be back next year?

CandyR said...

So happy to see your post today!

Aida said...

Great to see you again! Yes, I still read blogs. Hasn't tried Instagram yet. Looking forward to your next post!

CaroleM said...

I still read blogs! What's funny is that a few weeks ago I had been noticing I had not seen anything from you in a while. I forget to go on Instagram. Good to see you.

pinkquilter said...

It is so good to hear from you! I don't do the instagram thing. I love all your things! I always get so excited when I see your name in my email !! I want to wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving season!

Rebekah Sanders said...

Glad you're back! Love your projects - beautiful, as always!

Whitney M said...

I'm still reading!

Kelly O. said...

I'm still here! welcome back!

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