about me.

the short & sweet version:
i'm rachel.
i'm southern.
i'm married.
i'm a momma.
i love to create, design, and teach.

the once upon a time version:
my name is rachel griffith.
i was born and raised in georgia.
one day, i went to a friend's house, and WHAM! there was my potential hubby.
fast forward, 15 years later, and we are griffith: party of 6. (that's right 4 kiddos later.)

i was preggo with baby griffith #2 when i decided i wanted to try quilting.
i knew the basic sewing skills, thanks to my home ec teacher, but i had NO clue what to do.
i cut a whole quilt out with a pair of scissors. (i don't recommend that, by the way!)

well, since i google everything, i started with, "how to make a quilt."
i searched through dozens of websites, and that's when i came across blogs.
it's between magazines and blogs, that i taught myself how to quilt.
and that's when the fun began!

meanwhile …
ps i quilt was born and she's thriving more than ever.
i made the leap from just playing with pretty fabric to working towards making this quilty hobby of mine a little business. (while playing with even prettier fabric.)

i've taught and will continue to teach.
i've been featured in quilting magazines.
i'm an established author. (check out my book, quilts made with love.)
and the designer of a whole quilt pattern line, rachel griffith designs.

i'm proud of what i have accomplished thus far, but i'm excited to see what lies ahead.

xo, rachel

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