about me.

the ol' "take your own profile pic" pic.

the short & sweet version:
i'm rachel.
i'm southern.
i'm married.
i'm a momma.
i love to create & design.
& sometimes i break out in random dance moves for no reason.

the once upon a time version:
my name is rachel griffith.
i was born & raised in georgia.
one day i went to a friend's house and WHAM there was my potential hubby.
fast forward 12 years later and now we are griffith: party of 6.
{that's right 4 kiddos later.}

i was preggo with baby griffith #2 when i decided i wanted to try quilting.
i knew the basic sewing skills thanks to my home ec teacher, but i had NO clue what to do.
i cut a whole quilt out with a pair of scissors.
yeah. not fun.

i google everything, so i googled "how to make a quilt"
i searched through websites and then came across blogs.
between magazines & blogs i taught myself how to quilt.

the rest is history.

since then...
ps i quilt was born & she's thriving more than ever.
i made the leap from just playing with pretty fabric to working towards making this quilty hobby of mine a little business. {while playing with even prettier fabric. lol.}
i've taught & will continue to teach peeps how to make their own quilty projects.
i've been featured in a handful of quilting magazines.
i've had one of my quilts make it to the cover of a book.
& i've started publishing my own real, honest to goodness patterns.

i'm proud of what i have accomplished, but i'm also excited to see what lies ahead.

♥ rachel

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