frequently asked questions.

you've got questions, i've got answers.
and that makes the ps i quilt world a happy, happy place :)

sewing with oilcloth.

how old are you?
right now, i'm 30.
i plan on staying 30 for like ever.

how southern are you?
well i'm pretty darn southern.
i'm from the great state of georgia. born and raised.
that's why i say y'all all the time.

you really met your hubby when you were in high school?
yep, i was in high school. he was in the marine corp.

how many children do you have?
the correct answer is 4.
jackson = 11 years old
melanie = 7 years old
andrew = 6 years old
lindsey = 2 years old

how do you get everything done?
i'd like to say time management, but then i'd be a liar.
there are days i get nada done.
then, there are days that i'm the most productive woman on the planet.
it really just depends on the day.
well that & what i did or didn't get done the day before.

do you ever sleep?
what's sleep?!?! :P

blogger's choice.

what's your favorite fabric to play with?
ummm i heart moda. i really do.
BUT i also really love art gallery and dear stella.

how do you afford so much fabric?
i'll never tell. :P

do you prewash your fabrics?
the correct answer is no.
i never, ever prewash my fabrics.
of course i use the best though.
i don't buy from walmart or joann's.
if you are using a high quality fabric, like moda, prewashing isn't needed.
please don't send me an email saying that not prewashing is bad.

escapade loves poseidon.

how do you always have perfect seams?
it's all in the accurate 1/4" seam and pressing.
once you master those two things, it's a piece o' cake.

do you have a favorite quilt pattern?
this is a trick question.
i can't say that i have an overall favorite, but i can say that i love simplistic designs over anything else.
especially if it flaunts a lot of white.

what do you do with all of your quilts?
the hang out in my house mostly.
some of them, we never use.
some of them, we use ALL the time.
some of them, live in ireland.
just depends.

how do you care for your quilts?
i wash & dry them like normal laundry. no joke.
this goes back to the quality fabric thing.

where should i start if i wanna make my 1st quilt?
don't aim too high.
no lonestar quilts coming out of the gate or nothing crazy like that.
most people start with a baby quilt or table runner.
i would suggest starting with something like THIS.
or maybe THIS if you wanna go bigger than a baby quilt or table runner.

what's your favorite quilting tool?
it's a tie.
either my 1/4" foot or my walking foot.
don't make me choose.
binding clips are definitely a close second.

my stack o' kate spain goodness.

what kind of machine do you use?
i use a husqvarna.
she's been good to me, but i'm thinking it's time for an upgrade.
i've been researching bernina and janome's.
we'll see how that plays out.

inspired by thread.

what kind of thread do you use?
i honestly love coats and clark.
it's my favorite, favorite, favorite.


will you come & teach at my quilt guild or local quilt shop?
i'd love to.
email me and we'll talk turkey.

summer sorbet.

what kind of camera do you use?
it's a sony a300.
i love it, but i'm also looking to upgrade.
i'm thinking of making the switch to nikon.
we'll see what happens.

did you take photography classes?
ummm no.
but i do read awesome pointers from peeps like ree drummond.
{direct link to her photography page.}

do you use mostly natural light?
that's a big, fat yes.
i hate, hate, hate to use a flash.
this annoys my hubby.
him: "why can't you just take the pic now?" -it's 8:00pm
me: "because i HAVE to have natural light."
him: *sigh*

how do you get your pics to show up so well on your blog?
i do NOT upload my pics through blogger.
blogger kills your pics.
sorry, but it's the truth.
i upload through flickr, then insert the html code into my posts.

my bag confession.

do you schedule your blog posts?
most of the time, no.
9 times out of 10 when you see that ps i quilt has been updated, i just hit the post button.
i don't like to trust blogger to post for me.
i'm controlling like that.

one of those days.

how'd you get to be so awesome? {this is for you john.}
i eat my wheaties. lots and lots of wheaties.
for the record: i think wheaties are nasty.
i'm just a normal peep. really.
i think i appear cooler online than i am in real life.


if your question wasn't answered here, just ask.
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

y'all be sure to check back for new tidbits.

xo, rachel

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